An Overall Enjoyable Relaxing Weekend



This weekend was fun.  I hung out with old friends, talked to my sister, and generally did house cleaning.  The weekend was stress free.  Good food, good friends, and good books. I read books on design, learned a little bit of javascript, and worked on my website.  Working on the website website is weirdly relaxing; repeating the same actions over and over while having netflix on is sort of enjoyable.

There’s still a lot to be done…  I need to produce several more videos and upload them for the Guttulus youtube channel.  I had friends over Friday and Saturday and the home is messier than usual.

It’s nice sitting on a couch and typing thoughts into a blog.  This weekend I had more time than normal since I didn’t go to Wells Fargo.  Going to the bank wastes 1-2 hours of my weekend…  The lines are long and the customer service is horrid.

The one thing I regret not doing is getting exercise this weekend.  I spent more time than I should binge watching Netflix.  Netflix is such a bane to being productive.

I would rate the weekend as one of my more productive weekends.  I grinded 2 long nights… working until 4am Friday and Saturday night.  It’s eerie how much work I get down after midnight on those 2 days.  And it’s always been this way.