Another Work at Home Day


Working at home days are wonderful.  They are more productive then office days.  And a lot more relaxing…. which makes them more productive.  I got a lot done today.  Mainly, sales.  Sales is interesting… I’m getting better at it.  However, there are a few things I have to work on.  Mainly closing.  I’m not great at closing a sale.  I can talk about myself a lot.. but I don’t have my closing fangs yet.

I want a 4K camera.  It will certainly pay dividends for my marketing career.  They are still too expensive.  I’m going to wait for black Friday and hope they go on sale.  And order one online.  It’s nice to be able to talk to other marketers.  Sometimes I become confused what I’m supposed to do.  There’s so much to do and generally something has to be sacrificed.

Time is a cruel mistress of course.  I did go on a coding binge… which is always so much fun.  But now it’s 3am… three days later… when I’m finishing up this blog.  And Saturday… I get woken up early because of lawn care. My plan is to finish up this blog… not that’s its 3:30am… and go to bed.  Put it on buffer and wake up to do the other 5.

This weekend looks rough.  I have various things to do Sunday, and Saturday… looks pretty busy as well.  I’m not certain whether I can cram everything in… but I will try.  It’s a weekend where I need a good Friday night (didn’t go out… stayed home and got all my coding lessons done)… a good Saturday.  Dishes/Laundry… errands… food… Videos… lots and lots of videos. Emails.  Etc.  And then Sunday phone calls and errands… and marketing agency related ventures.

I’m sort of… behind.  I wanted to work from home Monday… but it looks like there’s a meeting.  Working at home is so much more productive.  Mainly because no 45 minute drive in or out… Therefore it gives me at least an extra hour to work.  And since I’m a digital marketer… that’s a ton.