Are Bluehost SEO Tools Worth It?

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Are Bluehost SEO Tools Worth It?

SEO has never been more important than it is now with more and more people interacting more with digital media. This means that people will actually go online to search for goods and services rather than checking out the traditional modes of advertising. What we know about SEO is that it should be an on-going process, where you will be learning new tricks and techniques as you go along. Everyone has their own idea of success as far as SEO is concerned. Success to you may be on sales, getting people to see your content, developing a list of subscribers and so much more as is covered in detail over at the excellent No matter what success is to you, there can be no running away that one metric that underpins any success is traffic. If you are to drive high quality traffic to your website, then you need help and this is where SEO tools come in. If you are looking for an edge on your competitors, why not try Bluehost SEO tools? Bluehost is a web hosting provider that has been making waves in the very competitive web hosting industry. The fact that the web hosting industry is as competitive as mentioned above means that web hosting providers have to not only offer attractive prices, but also lots of attractive features as per the gurus over at Speaking of attractive features, one place where Bluehost excels is in their SEO tools and we are going to try and establish if they are worth it.

The Bluehost tools dashboard has a Bluehost SEO tools score which is of great help in driving traffic to your website. This is because the higher it is, the more traffic will be directed to your website. This is because the higher your score, the higher your ranking on the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. As per the subject matter experts over at, if you are looking to have your Bluehost SEO tools score go up, then all you need to do is to complete key actions like creating social profiles for your site among many others. It is quite simple to complete these actions, and you will even be provided with instructions, and once you complete an action and mark it as complete, your score increases. The experts over at however point out that your score can fluctuate a lot and as such you shouldn’t worry too much about the changes, but should just focus on completing your actions and tasks in each section to get your score as high as possible.

Another thing that Bluehost SEO tools have going for them and one that helps show that they are indeed worth it is how they help in monitoring your competitors. They will not only help you target different search keywords so as to increase your traffic, they will also help you monitor what your competitors are doing which will allow you to stay in the running for targeted keywords, as is covered in detail over at Bluehost SEO tools will help you monitor what your competitors are doing allowing you to always be a step ahead of them, which makes them worth it. Bluehost SEO tools will also analyze your website and let you know how mobile friendly it is. It will tell you how responsive it is and how fast it loads, which are two of the most important parameters as far as optimization for mobile is concerned. As per the gurus over at, since majority of people use mobile to search the internet, it is not only important to be optimized for mobile, but also to ensure that your site performs well when it comes to the same and the fact that Bluehost SEO tools help with this makes them worth it.

Another reason why we feel that Bluehost SEO tools are worth it is due to the fact that they will help you improve your website by identifying issues and weaknesses as far as it is concerned, enabling you to fix them. As per the folks over at, through Bluehost SEO tools, you will be able to receive monthly reports through e-mail, which you can opt-in, and which will give you progress reports as far as your website is concerned, the issues and weakness as well as the actions you could take to fix and improve these issues and weaknesses. This will help you improve your Bluehost SEO tools score, which has its benefits as discussed above. Given the importance of social media nowadays, the fact that Bluehost SEO tools will help you know how well your site is doing on social media is yet another reason why they are definitely worth it. These tools will help you track how often your actual website URL has been shared across the various social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn among others. This will let you know whether or not your website has good content that is worth sharing, allowing you to make changes for the better as per the gurus over at

There are a lot more benefits to be had with Bluehost SEO tools, all of which prove that they are indeed worth it, with the best place to go for more information and services as far as they are concerned being over at the highly regarded and