Artist Should Be Paid Money



I read an article by Will Wheaton.  I’m not a Will Wheaton fan… but the article was very good.  In the article he suggested that big media was taking advantage of artist and content producers by using the excuse… do it for the exposure.  He’s right.  As an artist… there is nothing more annoying then when someone doesn’t want to pay you… but wants you to do free work… for exposure…  It’s lame.. and quite frightening how many artist give in….. to irrational demands.  Exposure is okay if you aren’t good at what you are doing.. but once you have some expertise you should warrant both exposure and financial gains.

Society’s perspective of the artist is skewed.  Artist are looked at as if they should be starving.  I used to volunteer managing an art crawl.  And the worst excuse of why a potential client didn’t buy a piece of artwork… was it looks too easy.  Yes, art can be straight lines worth millions of dollars, but it’s in the eye of the beholder.

I commission a lot of artwork for my hobby channel.  And I enjoy it.  If I had more time I would do it myself.  Because I understand how difficult creating artwork is… I pay for my commissions in exposure and money.  It’s disheartening to think there are artist who starve for no reason.  It doesn’t make you a better artist… not to be paid.  And when you do something free or cheap… that person will referral you to other people who won’t pay you.  Truly, a vicious cycle.  Do something for free… and everyone expects everything you do to be free.  This is not okay.

I did the entire pre-med/law school thing.  What I wanted to be was an artist.  I can still become one.  I have the time… just not the inspiration today.  I love commissioning art.  Coming up with the ideas for the art piece is the most fun part.  The sketching, shading, coloring… I can do… but it’s a grind.