How to Avoid Search Engine Optimization Scams in Houston


How to Avoid Search Engine Optimization Scams in Houston 

Are Your Digital Assets in Safe Hands?

Building great SEO takes a lot of time and patience- not even Google can guarantee SEO rankings. To get insight into current SEO efforts and move a step ahead of the curve when changes occur, follow the advice provided in the SEO centre.

Your website is your business; before you risk entrusting your future to an SEO company, have in mind that if it’s all scam, you risk losing your money- and your reputation too.

Understand basic SEO

SEO uses techniques proven over time- Adding fresh, intuitive website content and building around keywords – do your homework and see what works. A simple background research into choosing the right SEO companies can ensure that you get back genuine efforts to boost your rankings on search engines.

It’s up to you

Although SEO scammers lure businesses into their entrapment- guaranteed #1 rankings on Google within 24hours, it’s you who entertains their spamming ploys.

Learning to spot spam and suspicious emails in your mailbox is perhaps the first step. Report these to your email service providers as abusive spam- you will have saved much more businesses from the same predicament.

Here are five ways you can easily spot scammers

1.  Look out for suspicious domain addresses and subjects

Personalized email domains point out to legitimate companies. Watch out for those sending email offers from a Gmail or Hotmail accounts rather than more professional domains.

Also, pay attention to the subject matter. “SEO rankings in 24Hours” is a possible red flag. Don’t fall victim to deals that are too sweet to sound authentic. Building good SEO takes more than 24 hours- and more than just time; it takes patience and effort.

2.  Insider claims

It’s a bold-faced lie when a company claims to have an exclusive relationship with a “Google partner” who can help push up the rankings. Google has no real “partnerships” in the SEO world.

One way to test their performance claims is to ask them to do a light audit of your digital assets to gauge their skill level before making a commitment.

3.  Massive link building

As part of the pre-packaged solution, some SEO companies still offer extensive link building; which can be invaluable if they do it correctly. However, focusing heavily on links is likely to do more harm than good.

Building massive links within a short time and to random sites is considered “black-hat SEO” and is likely to lessen the credibility of your site. Or worse still, you can be blacklisted, should Google discover your unnatural link building.

4.  Top ranking promises

Top ranking websites do not land on the top spot overnight- it takes lots of commitment and research. Various online tools can help perform a light audit of your digital assets and possibly point out to aspects of your website that could use some improvement.

Page rank is not the only factor that search engines use to determine the search results; don’t get carried away.

5.  Underpriced or overpriced SEO

Unrealistically low or exaggeratedly high prices are a possible red flag. While a low price SEO may not necessarily mean it’s scam, you get what you pay for- low-quality service. You are better off doing it yourself.

On the other side, it’s unnecessary to pay high prices for a high-quality service that you can get elsewhere. Before hiring your preferred agent, research on their reputation and compare prices.

SEO growth

Hyperlinks Media, a digital marketing agency in Houston compares SEO growth performance to that of a tree, where nurturing, quality care, professional expertise and time all contribute to a successful online campaign.

•  Step 1: The seedling

This first phase taking about 0-30 days involves initial reporting, keyword research, marketing tactics, the architecture of content and the campaign set up.

•  Step 2: The seedling sprouts

This step includes analysis of new reporting, rankings, and traffic. Modification of SEO tactics then follows the report data, technical issues, and adjusting content. The process can take about 30-60 days.

•  Step 3: Nurturing and fertilizing the tree

Continued analysis reporting, traffic, and rankings; modifying SEO tactics, content adjustment, and creation, as well as backlink creation, take 60-90 days.

•  Step 4: Nurture, fertilize and prune

Modifying SEO tactics, content modification and creation and backlink all contribute to the campaign efforts.

•  Step 5: Continue nurturing, fertilizing and pruning

Consistent development of the campaign, modifying SEO tactics by the growth of SEO keyword footprint for a broader amount of keyword searches, content creation and adjustment, backlink and the ultimate goal of maintaining top rankings are part of this step. The process goes beyond 120 days.

Building a successful online campaign is clearly a professional job that requires the expertise of programmers, coders, designers, analytic engineers and content writers.

The teamwork is crucial to leverage their diverse and extensive internet marketing experience to ultimately optimizes and market the client’s website for top rankings in search engines.