Startup Life Summarized in a Weekend


I wanted to write about how startup life is different from regular life.  The main difference is startup life is actual life.  There’s no 9 to 5.  That’s not how sales works.  Startup life is more akin to a full time sales person who needs to make their commissions.  It’s not easy establishing a work life balance since you are literally working at all times or thinking about how to get sales.

I wanted to take off the entire weekend to go to a Gp, meet new friends, etc.  However… I’m stacked with work.  Friday night and Saturday were a lot of fun, but the reality of startup life is you never have enough time.  And the more you procrastinate doing things… the worst your Sundays get.  And mind you… this is without any coding grinds.

I had a great time this weekend and the events run until Sunday.  I may go and say hi but it would be unwise for me to actually stay too long given the workload I currently have.  And this is after working past 6pm on a Friday.

I’m looking for a home right now.  Add that on top of everything and you get one of my busiest weekends this year.  But of course… I knew that going into today.  Still left to do, set up a Facebook campaign for lead generation, do some ppc stuff.. lots of ppc stuff… update excel spreadsheets for end of the month.  Some accounting.. which I probably won’t get into.  Taxes which again… won’t get into.  Laundry.  Random Errands.  And of course videos.  For guttulus videos it’s all set but I need other videos as well.

A good weekend for sure.  oh… I ended up buying fire emblem.  Still haven’t beaten it yet.  It’s as good as I thought it would be.  I’m going to buy the birthrights game after I finish this version.