Basics- Get Started with Instagram Ads

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Basics- Get Started with Instagram Ads

The use of social media for marketing and not just for interacting with friends and family, is something we have seen really come to the fore in the last couple of years, and something that has been explored in great detail on by the experts over there. Given Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with the sheer amount of users over there, it has become one of the best friends for businesses and marketers out there as per Given that it is basically a photo sharing platform and the introduction of Instagram Stories, something that is covered in detail on, the potential of Instagram as far as marketing is concerned is clear for all to see. This article will therefore look to highlight the basics that one needs to be familiar with in order to get started with Instagram Ads and start reaping the many rewards that come attach with them.

As is revealed on another platform on, Instagram was bought by Facebook. This means that while you don’t necessarily have to have an Instagram account to create ads on Instagram, you will be required to have a Facebook page as well as an Ads Manager account. Those that have run Facebook ads before will find running Instagram ones easier to run. This is because that all you have is to head over to Facebook’s Power Editor and go to the Create a Campaign option. The “Create Ads for Instagram” tab is relatively quick to find from there, with more information on the same and a detailed write-up on how to get there to be found on Once there, you will also be required to choose an objective for your ads that are compatible to Instagram Ads. Here there are three choices available to you; video views, click to website and mobile app installs with a more detailed discussion on these options to be found on You can then proceed to create your ads with the option of having the ads run on both Instagram and Facebook being available for you. After creating your ads, you can submit them on Power Editor and wait for them to be approved.

Although, as stated above, having an Instagram account is not a must for one to run ads on Instagram, there are a number of problems that come with this option that makes it preferable to have an Instagram account. It is thus important to highlight some these issues so that you know them when going in as part of the basics of getting started, as is discussed on One of the biggest drawbacks of operating without an Instagram account have to do with the fact that you will be unable to respond to comments on your ad which means that you won’t be able to interact with your visitors. Given that you don’t have an Instagram account, your Facebook page’s name will be your Instagram handle and as such will be greyed out and one won’t be able to click on it with more issues that arise from a lack of an Instagram account to be found on

Another thing to keep in mind when looking to get started with Instagram Ads is the matter of identifying your audience. On this topic, as it is discussed on it is easy as Facebook provides you as the advertiser with a number of options that should come in handy in targeting and identifying your preferred audience. Some of these options include targeting based on age, location, gender, interests and so many other, with these and all the other targeting options discussed in great detail by the experts on There is also an Audience Size gauge that will help you be able to find out if your targeting is bound to be effective but showing you just to what extent you have been able to narrow your target audience. Once you are satisfied with your targeting, you can save it and be able to use it further for subsequent ads. Another aspect as far as getting started with Instagram ads is concerned has to do with the choosing of budgets. Here you have two options, as is discussed on, with either a daily budget which highlights the maximum amount that should be used by the ad daily or a lifetime budget that is for those ads that are to run for a set amount of time. You can also choose the scheduling of your ad which means that you can either choose for your ads to run all through the day or only at certain times.

It is our hope that you will be able to use the above discussion to extract tips and knowledge that will serve you well as you look to get started with Instagram Ads, with more on the same to be found on as well as and