How to Become the Best Pokemon Go Player in Houston


How to Become the Best Pokemon Go Player in Houston
Pokémon Go has attracted lots of attention in Houston since its debut. It is now the game in town due to its augmented reality feature. Just walk to Discovery Green and see the number of people engaged on their smartphones. But with so many people in the game, you must have extra help in order to stay a step ahead of the rest. Here are some of the best tips to help you become the best Pokémon Go player in Houston.

1. Catch them all and trade the least powerful

This is a simple trick, yet crucial for anyone who has just signed up for the game. While it might be compelling to overlook the more ordinary Pokémon that come up all the time, you should aim at catching all the creatures that you possibly can.

They can turn to be your saviour since you can trade them in to the professor to acquire a specific candy. Remember, it is through Stardust and candy that you will evolve your game.

For instance, when you have numerous Pidgeys, check the one with the most powers and the highest-rated attacks. Then choose the most appropriate Pidgey for transfer. Different amounts of candy will be required to evolve a Pokémon to another level.

2. Roll with a group

You cannot resist the enjoyment that rents you when playing Pokémon Go alone. Although it is great throwing a party for one, the game can be more entertaining when you roll with a crew. It is also advisable to round up some friends to rise up the levels.

At level 5, you can be able to win a gym for your team. This is made even a lot easier when you travel in pack with your rival factions. In this way, you can walk around and acquire gyms for your team and lose them to your fellow travelers without waiting for an unknown Pokétrainer to challenge you.

3. Evolve a Pokémon for a full revive

Pokémon Go allows you to use your stardust while you are feeding the candies. Therefore, you can evolve your candies even if they are technically down. This can be a great opportunity while you keep collecting Pokémon in Discovery Green. The trick will be to go to as many Pokéstops as possible, you should check out Rice Village, Galleria and the area around Camden City Center.

With this technique, you can help upgrade failing creatures in the battle.

4. Battle your own gyms

Here is a great trick for getting to the top of the game. If you have a gym, especially Spark, you would rather fight at your own gym than lose it to opposite faction. This is an important move since each Pokémon you defeat will add XP for the gym. You should then round up enough XP and your gym will level up. This will be an avenue to add more new creatures to defend your gym. Remember that the more Pokémon you have, the easier it will be to protect your gym. Defending your gym will lead to accumulating more Pokécoins that you can use to replenish your store.

The above tips can help you stand out from the rest and be a Pokémaster in Houston.