How to Become Google Adwords Certified?

 How to Become Google Adwords Certified?

Getting Google Adwords certified is a great way to show that you are able to produce good advertising and obtaining the Adwords skill set can be a great way to shine in business.  According to Google support, “An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an online advertising professional.” The first thing you need to do to become Adwords certified is to visit the google support website and perform a web search for google Adwords certification. Once you are on the google support site click on “Sign up for Google partners.”

When you complete your Adwords certification you will get a certificate of completion. To complete the certification you must take two exams. There are 6 different exams you can choose from. The Google support website states that, “Once you get certified, you’ll be able to share your certification status with others by showing them your personalized certificate or Google Partners public profile page.”

Digital suggests that, once you have become Adwords Certified your business can be a Google partner which “is the scheme set up by Google for all the various agencies that sell Google products. So, for example, Adwords Management services.” Internet Jet Stream suggests studying for the exam, like you would for any other exam  “And yeah, to prepare for the exam you need a study guide. The study guide for AdWords Certification is available here at Google Support Page. If you read through it patiently and have a descent memory power, you will be able to pass the exam easily.” You can choose the option to take a variety of classes to get certified. even suggests that taking a class, similar to a sat prep class may be beneficial to help you prepare, “This live instructor-led online training course costs $395 but you should check out SkillForge’s site for the course schedule and other details.”

Obtaining google adwords certification is a good career building step for younger students, because now you do not need to be affiliated with a company before taking the Google Adwords Certification Exams. Once you have the certification your resume will look better than other younger candidates who do not have the certification when you apply for potential jobs at prospective companies.

Having the Google Adwords certification is beneficial for both younger job-seeking candidates and their potential employers who will not have to ask their new hires to get certified. Younger job-seekers benefit by knowing that, According to, from a Statista infographic “In the U.S. alone, Google is expected to account for more than 40% of the digital ad revenues in 2014 and 2015” and understating how to use a platform like google adwords and bringing the possibility to your employer to be a google partner may be the edge you need to gain a new position and potentially request a higher starting salary.

When you bring new possibilities to your employer to add to their current revenue you are setting yourself and your company up for better success. If you are applying at a startup or a larger company that is in a revamping process, highlighting your adwords certification and being able to explain the benefits of becoming a Google Partner to your potential employer will provide you an opportunity to shine.