How to Become a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in 2017?


How to Become a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in 2017?

SEO or search engine optimization has become an important industry in the recent past. It has been made popular thanks to search engines like Google.

Companies use SEO to try and raise their page rankings on the search engines. To accomplish that goal, the assistance of an SEO specialist is needed.

Some of the responsibilities of the SEO specialist include: designing, developing and promoting high-quality websites. Other roles include:

• Website analysis

• Keyword optimization

• Content generation

• Search engine parameters

• Information technology skills

• Client management

• Analytical processing

What does it take to be an SEO specialist in 2017? Here are a few basic requirements:


Experience is the most common educational requirement for an SEO specialist. The specialist should have a clear understanding of various online activities such as web content production and web design. Some of the educational requirements include:

• Bachelor’s degree in information technology, communication, business or marketing

• 1-3 years work experience

• HTML, CSS, and knowledge of other programming languages

It is important that one keeps up with the latest trends.


Since SEO emerged as a profession, it has given birth to several accrediting organization that offers certification to the specialists. Academic certification is important as it shows one completed the course successfully. Additionally, there are professional institutions that offer certification after course completion.

Contributing to a body of knowledge

To become noticed in the field, it is important that one contributes to a body of knowledge. You can start a website or contribute to an existing blog or website. However, ensure that your site is reliable and reputable.


There are certain skills that the SEO specialists must possess. Some of the basic skills they need include:

• Content marketing

• Social media marketing

• Illustration and diagramming skills

• Computer skills on technical SEO

Where to learn SEO

There are several platforms where one can start their SEO specialist dream.


There is a lot of content, which is free, on the Internet about SEO learning. There are blogs, course modules, and even YouTube.

Alternatively, one can enroll for a Bachelor in information science or marketing in a reputable university or college.

Attending SEO conferences and workshops is another way of keeping yourself abreast with the latest in the world of SEO.

Are you successful as SEO specialist?

How do you know that you are successful SEO specialist? Is it when your name appears in a Google search? There are no fixed parameters for measuring success. However, here are a few steps to ensuring you are successful:

• Practicing techniques instead of learning them

• Creating an extensive network

• Taking odd and calculated risks

• Proficiency with basic and advanced SEO techniques

• Using customized strategies


The Internet has a lot of information. However, not all the information can be classified as reliable and reputable. Not everyone who calls himself an expert on SEO matters cannot be trusted.

To start on SEO, learn SEO from a reputable organization that is recognized publicly.

Keep in mind that SEO practices are continually evolving, and it is important for the specialist continues learning at all times.