Become a Software Developer Without a Degree 25 Ways


Become a Software Developer Without a Degree 25 Ways    

With current advancements involving technology to a significant extent, software development is becoming ever more vital. It is an enticing career option since it perfectly encapsulates what millennials are all about. Provided one has the prowess, getting a job or a client to kick start the software development career journey is simple. Below are 25 ways to become a software developer without a degree.

Get an associate degree

It takes approximately two years to complete, and it is cheaper and less strenuous compared to a degree. What’s more, one gains basic programming knowledge that only needs polishing through practice.

Take certification courses

If practical know-how is what one is after, then, certifications are a perfect fit. They are short-term, cheap and straight to the point. Moreover, certificates gained act as academic evidence of one’s skill set.

Online courses

Online content follows demand, and quality programming information is on high demand. There are various interactive, quality online courses that one can undertake at negligible fees to learn development.


YouTube can be a great resource for the aspiring software development provided he/she subscribes to channels that offer useful programming content.


In a bid to attract targeted traffic, sites often offer free webinars on programming niche topics which can avail great insight to one seeking to master software development.


Programming eBooks, again, courtesy of sites seeking to boost traffic are aplenty. Only search efforts are required to acquire free development eBooks with helpful information.


The classic method of acquiring knowledge, books are written by professionals in a format that makes it easy for the average person to pick up valuable programming takeaways.

Get a private tutor

Though not a feasible option for many due to the cost implications, getting a private programming tutor stand outs as one of the best ways to learn software development.

Identifying a role model

A programming role model can be a helpful guide in learning the trade. However, the role model approach works best in tandem with other learning strategies such as books, and webinars.

Join a programming team

Pressure has a way of sharpening cognitive capabilities and participating in a software development team can fast track the learning process by offering a platform to try out and share related information.

Software development forums

No developer is perfect at everything, and online forums are helpful in this regard. Join the ones that seem interesting to pick up software development tips and hacks.


Closely related to webinars, seminars have the added advantage of realism since they mimic a classroom scenario. Software development workshops can be a fantastic source of insight.

Use educational apps

Some apps can help an individual learn different subjects from history, a new language to software development. Most of them are the brainchild of leading universities.

Take up a development gig

A simple software development gig can give one the push and incentive needed to acquire practical programming knowledge.


In line with taking up a gig, freelancing avails a great channel to source for simple software development jobs that can help sharpen one’s skills through practice.

Attend software development boot camps

Programming boot camps are a cheap way to learn programming and interact with both budding and established developers.

Programming software

Some softwares have been built to help aspiring developers easily execute development maneuvers by simplifying the related processes and offering a user-friendly learning environment.

Trial and error

Trial and error boils down to interest and being adventurous with code. Viewing online page source codes and trying them out is a good place to start.


Practice makes perfect, and it is no different with software development. This shines a spotlight on the importance of taking up simple gigs as one works their way up the software development ladder.


All online based learning resources will involve ‘Googling’ in one way or another. Hence, making it a necessary skill in a developer’s skill set.

Acquiring coursework notes

One can acquire coursework notes from software development degree students who are done with studies since learning development is primarily about accessing quality information.

Take up an internship

With certifications or an associate degree, one can get an internship in a demanding software development company that will offer a platform to use the acquired knowledge.

Sponsored education

If finances are the restricting factor, there are firms willing to sponsor an individual to study for niche software development certifications; often, under a binding contract.

Attending university degree classes

With proper scheming, it is possible to attend university development classes at no cost. Most universities do not bother with verifying course attendees. However, it might be illegal.

The hybrid approach

The hybrid approach, which involves combining various information channels of choice stands out as the most natural and sensible way to learn and perfect software development.

In today’s information age, with effort and passion, it is possible to learn anything. The fact that there are many self-taught excellent programmers is evidence enough of this. Therefore, lacking a degree, or the resources to undertake one, is not a valid excuse regarding learning and perfecting software development.