How to Become a Web Designer: 20 Best Ways


How to Become a Web Designer: 20 Best Ways  

The exponential increase in internet usage has brought with it great demand for quality websites, and consequently, web designers. All firms, companies, retailers, and practitioners want a share of the colossal online traffic, and only a seasoned web developer can actualize the same. To this end, below are 20 surefire ways one can use to become a web designer.

Pursue a Bachelors in Programming

Web design is programming at its core, and one of the best ways to polish up on the same is by mastering programming – something that a bachelor’s degree would accomplish. Moreover, having a programming degree opens one up to a myriad of programming opportunities such as app making, software development, etc.

Undertake a programming associate degree

Though not as prestigious as a bachelor’s, an associate degree is cheaper, and it will equip one with programming basics. Since web design is more about prowess than academic accolades, a pro designer with an associate degree will always trump a degree holder with average skill.

Undertake an online degree

Time is always at a premium and one may want to hone web design skills but lack adequate time to do so. An online degree can come in handy in this regard as one can tailor it to schedule.

Undertake a web design certification course

Regarding cost and time effectiveness, undertaking a site design certification course is the most sensible option to learn web development basics. It only lasts a few months, and it is very practical.


Mentorship involves practical one-on-one learning which makes it very effective. All an individual has to do is locate a web design guru well-grounded in the sector to give advice and work under.

YouTube videos

The power of YouTube in perfecting skills is underrated. There are many web design channels with videos covering all aspects of web design and the related languages from Java and C++ all the way to HTML and Python.


Webinars are among the trending channels through which online masses are consuming digital content. They are, therefore, a great way to learn and supplement web design knowledge.


Reading has the upside of being faster since the average speed of reading is considerably higher than that of speaking. One must, however, do research and focus only on appropriate volumes.


Using eBooks is similar to reading only that online books are utilized instead. Such books are readily available as most websites offer them free of charge to build an email list. Though not a very good way of learning design from scratch, it is a good supplementary learning strategy.

Join a web design team

With some basic design knowledge, one of the best ways to master the art is by participating in a design team which fosters a conducive environment for sharing knowledge and growing in prowess.

Take up a web design project

Taking up a project is an excellent way to learn the trade since it keeps one on toes and the results are tangible. The key is to adopt a learn-as-you-do attitude. Resources such as books are, therefore, necessary.

Hiring a tutor

Hiring a personal trainer might be expensive, but it is one of the ironclad ways to learn web design since lessons are interactive and all the instructor’s attention is on the leaner.

Web design forums

Developers are fond of online forums where knowledge is communally shared to the benefit of all. Locate forums of interest and browse through them – many helpful tips, tricks, and hacks can be learned this way.

Using software

Interactive software that teach programming offer a good and cheap starting point. However, due diligence is crucial so as to choose quality software that is user-friendly.


Freelancing is a good way to get design practice by taking up manageable development gigs. Content mill sites such as Upwork are full of such opportunities that one can take advantage of.

Programming scholarships

If access to resources is the main hurdle curtailing access to web design courses, give thought to researching relevant scholarships so as to take advantage of the same.


Though not a stand-alone learning method, knowing how to use Google to one’s advantage in the learning process is critical. Googling involves perfecting the art of searching the right terms to get good results and it is largely a byproduct of trial and error.


There are many free design seminars one can attend to learn cutting edge web design strategies. All that is necessary is research so as to know the relevant dates and venues.

Get a web design job

Though seemingly insensible at first glance, with a little web design knowledge, getting an entry-level job in the field can be a good way to instigate necessary pressure to perfect the art.

Hybrid approach

The hybrid approach is often the one most people gravitate towards. It involves mixing up several web design learning strategies based on personal preference.

As is evident, the dream to become a web designer is achievable regardless of the resources available provided passion and diligence are present. Choose the most appropriate learning strategy as per the resources available and commence web design mastery.