How to Become a Web Designer in 2016 | Design Careers


How to Become a Web Designer in 2016 | Design Careers

Regular users of the internet understand that it is one of the world’s best platforms for making money of even earning a living. Ways of making online are numerous, one of the best of them is web design. Whether you want to learn this art for money, knowledge or just passion, 2016 is the year for you to do that and the following are the tutorials to get you started and becoming a pro in this field.

The Concept

For starters, you need somewhere to begin from if you want to become a professional web designer. The fundamental knowledge of web designing is a necessity, meaning that you will have to start your journey in this field by learning the well-established packages of software related to it. You need to develop a perfect understanding and mastery of how to use HTML and CSS. The latter, also referred to as Cascading Style Sheets, gives a description of how the elements of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) display or appear on paper, screen, or in any other media you use in creating a website. CSS saves you much work by handling the HTML features. In addition to that, it also controls the layout of many web pages at once, giving you room for designing multiple websites at the same time. The CSS files store all the external stylesheets.

HTML is a standardized system that tags all text files used in the web design process to achieve the desired hyperlink, color, font, and graphic effects on the pages of the World Wide Web. It is the elements of HTML that allow users to view a website in the same way you want them to see them. Besides these, you also need to learn about other technologies such as Flash and other coding languages like the PHP. The latter also referred to as the Hypertext Preprocessor, is a commonly-used free (open source) general-purpose language used in scripting a website. It is only suited for the development of a web page. My perception is that you should also learn it to have a smooth ride developing your skills in web design and the best quality about it is that you can embed it into the HTML. Hypertext Preprocessor is the perfect language for a site that needs extensive functionality.

It is also advisable to stretch your learning to cover some popular systems for content management, such as the Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. From a general perspective, gaining knowledge about these concepts already makes you a ‘web designer,’ but not a professional one. For that reason, you need to learn more features of this art. Schools are the recognized places for learning more concepts about web design, but the internet is a better platform as it provides almost all tutorial, concept, skills, and materials to develop your prowess in this field. Creating a web page does not require any special software when you have a PC, Mac or Tablet that access the internet, and load (upload and download) materials.

The internet several software and applications that can help you design and develop a web page, but you should begin by doing things on your own before you use any of them. Perhaps, you can visit any online platform that shares videos that you can watch to get started in this art. The best ones to try out include YouTube and Vimeo. Not only do they have various videos about web design, but they also give detailed tutorials and guidelines of how you can develop web pages. My belief is that these websites have more resources than a single can provide.