How to Become a Web Designer in 2017 | Design Careers


How to Become a Web Designer in 2017 | Design Careers

As with any freelance design profession, becoming a web designer requires skills in web designing based on the demands for 2017 as well as being business savvy within the current marketplace. It is important that potential web designers map out a career path that will lead them to the career of their choice. They will also need to decide whether they want to work as a freelancer or work for a large agency because each of these has a different career path that should be prepared for accordingly. Below is some information on how to become a web designer in 2017 and land great web design career.

General Preliminary Information

Other than balancing creativity with the right amount of informative content, a web designer must also balance all of the other requirements that are necessary to launch a lucrative career.

One of the first things an aspiring web designer can do is to speak to a guidance counselor, professor or a well-established professional web designer about becoming your mentor. Either one of these should be able to assist you with getting on the right track from the very beginning. This could also help you avoid pitfalls that are normally associated with those who enter into this career on their own. You can also get a lot further than you would on your own as well. Some areas that are needed most be developed, nurtured and cultivated over time.

Good Communication Skills

Since web designers must interact with multiple individuals on the client’s team, such as the art director or other staff members, the aspiring web designer must be able to effectively communicate with everyone on the team. This could include responding to emails for project revisions, reviewing or modifying contracts, timelines, updates and other project information. It’s also important to find out how your client prefers to communicate with you.Including Skype, email, telephone, or in person. Is important to find this method out as quickly as possible so that your request or responses do not slip through the cracks.

If you plan to work for yourself, part of the communication will also involve being able to sell yourself and acquire new clients. The field of web designing is very demanding, however, it’s also very competitive as well, so you must be certain to do whatever it takes to stand out as the web designer for 2017. You must also be able to communicate in a way that expresses your confidence in your work. Having a good strong portfolio can usually do the speaking for you, however.

Goal Setting and Marketing Strategy

Because having a career as a web designer can have specific focuses, it’s very important to have a career goal and a marketing strategy in mind ahead of time. It’s also important to market in such a way that you keep specific potential clients in the pipeline.

Also if your career path is designed with the specific industry in mind, you will also need to develop marketing strategies to reach your targeted audience within that industry to also help further you along your career path.

Planning Your Work

It’s also great to do some preliminary work prior to starting any project. You should be able to obtain some preliminary information about your client’s company through research, as well as find out from the client what they’re expecting from the site and what they want the site to do. You should also be able to point out what other companies in their industry are doing and compare that to their current website goals as well.