How To Become a Web Developer in 2017?


How To Become a Web Developer in 2017?

A lot of people would want to become web developers come 2017 but do not actually have the know-how to be one. Becoming a web developer is such an easy and fun task depending on your mentality and passion. Here are simple steps that you can use to acquire all necessary technical skills to become a professional web designer.

1. Ensure that you have a goal.

This is the first and major step that you require to have accomplished. You should have decided on what you want to create, something big for the social network. You can also decide to create an app that you would have wished to be in existence to fulfill your needs and no efforts have been made toward that. This goal can also be an inspiration from friends or even family members. Having a goal is the foundation towards you becoming a successful web developer.

2. Gather the required tools

There are apps and features that you require to have on your computer to increase efficiency. Here is a list

. Download Google Chrome and install the following plugins

a) Eye Dropper

b) ModHeader

c) Web Developer

. Download Firefox and install the following plugins

a) User Agent Switcher

b) SQLite Manager

c) Live HTTP Headers

d) Modify Headers

e) Web Developer Toolbar

f) Tamper Data

. Download user-friendly text auditing that even does syntax highlighting

. Get SFTP/FTP client for transferring files to a server

3. Learn to code

This is the secret of becoming a web developer. Ensure that you learn syntax, find out the tools to use, how to understand and deploy Git. You can be able to learn all this by reading and watching videos online. You also need heal and guidance from an expert who has already achieved web designing. This will make you be able to ask them to assist you get back on the track or even explain small crucial things to do with programming. The omission of a single step or procedure can ruin your entire coding process.

4. Google for solutions

When you are learning how to program you are able to Google for details efficiently. All answers to questions and solutions to challenges are found online, but if you do not know where and how to find them will end up being challenging. You need to familiarize the exact terms you need to use to get the required data. Learning to Google for things more easily will also help boost you coding in terms of speed and perfection.

5. Copy cool things

Ensure that you copy all cool widgets, videos, images that you find on well-developed websites and add them to your code. Take time to understand what it is doing. This will help you learn new skills and help you become outstanding.

6. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts to do with the below areas.

. Graphic design

. JavaScript

. Python



.Application security


7. Showcase your end work

Web developers are not recognized by the number of certificates they hold but rather the number of projects they have taken part in or even created already. Make sure you build your own portfolio.

When you achieve all this, you are sure that you have achieved you dream goal of becoming a web developer.