Being Inspired



The key is to keep working at the same thing over and over again.  It works.  That’s how you get better.  There are plenty of days I don’t feel like doing something… but I do it anyways.  It really helps when you are with like minded individuals.  And if you are passionate about something.  The passion part plays an important role… but not nearly as important as the work ethic.  Being passionate but not having a strong work ethic means you burn out easy.  And burning out means you give up.  What marketing has taught me is to develop habits. 

Along those lines… excuses.  I hear them a lot.  And they don’t really make much sense.  The number one excuse is I don’t have enough time… if something is important you make time for it.  To me it’s that simple.  You can always choose to sleep a little less… I mean who needs 8 hours of sleep when you are having a good time coding?  I’m serious.

If your work or your hobby is fun which they should be…. then why sleep?  That’s how I feel.  Even to the point of locking myself in.  I did this at NYU a lot.  I’d go to a study room in bobst library (I miss that place dearly) and not come out until the list of tasks I set for myself is completed.

That’s the same exact principle I have today… except I don’t have any good 24 hours libraries. I’ve seriously considered paying a community college tuition just to use it’s library.  I know the old WM library was public and 24 hours.  the law library.

At this exact moment… I want to do something awesome.  To get to that point.. sleep really isn’t all that helpful.  to summarize… here’s to the crazy ones.