Being Sick Changes Weekend Plans Drastically


I’m fighting sickness.  It’s not a fun time.  I’ve been sick since Saturday morning…. It’s prevented me from recording videos on the Guttulus just when I started to gain traction.  On the flip side, I figured out how to do Instagram marketing.  I’ve been ticking up slowly but steadily.  It his continues, I can get 5, 000 before the year end which would be incredible.  Again…. not sure why I like instagram that much compared to my more successful, social medias… but I do.

Being sick and not productive… makes you regret all the times you were not productive when you were healthy.  Theoretically, there’s still a lot I would like to get done.  But I’m absolutely drained.  I did finish my logo with help from a graphic designer.  I like it.  It’s cute and fits my personal style.  It’s even better than my Guttulus one… which makes sense.  I did pay slightly more.

This weekend did not turn out how I wanted it to.  However… it will encourage me to crunch down when I get better.  I’m always ready to string a few good study sessions together after recovery.  No videos means I have to rely on these study guides let again for buffer.  I’ll hit the hay early… or I guess earlier than I normally would.  I have two proposals and entire PPC account to work on.  And taxes… later…

Oh and tomorrow Upwork resets.  And on the 11th.  For being sick, I’ve been productive.  Logo is done.  I think it’s super cute which appeals to me.  I’m not a fan of “professional” logos for startups.  It’s overbearing and not memorable.  There’s likely 5-10 other tasks I ignored this weekend.  I semi-binged on a netflix.  Nothing as drastic as last time.

Most importantly, I found the 4K camera I want.  It’s the Sony 6300 and with a lens it runs $1000.  Which is okay since I need a new dslr style camera anyways.  This weekend would have been a lot better if I went to the gym.  I’m feeling pretty languid.  Finished watching lol… it turns out Remi “Maria” isn’t on team Renegades?  If they replaced her… that’s terrible.  Immortals still doing work and undefeated.  It’s the team of castaways.  I love they are proving everyone wrong.  TSM, the team of stars… is underwhelming so far.