Which is Better Bing Yahoo or Google


Which is Better Bing Yahoo or Google  

Bing Yahoo and Google are forever pitted against each other in a battle for supremacy that seems to have no end in sight. Regarding Google vs. Yahoo, in particular, things are a little more interesting since Google overtook Yahoo despite Yahoo being the predecessor of all search engines. Two times, Google made an offer to buy Yahoo to no avail, and Google then went on to overshadow Yahoo completely with Yahoo’s value taking a nosedive in recent times. Bing, on the other hand, is the new kid on the block trying to make a name. So, which is better among the three? Let us dive in and find out.


If you have ever tried to use the three to search for the same keywords, you must have noticed that search results differ somewhat. While Google has more indexed sites due to its sheer size, in some instances, Yahoo and Bing offer more relevant results.

However, Google has the edge over its competitors due to its commitment to innovation aimed at adapting to current market conditions. They are always looking to offer better, more groundbreaking products and as such, for general searches, Google edges out Yahoo and Bing consistency wise. That said, if you happen to get poor results with Google, try Bing or Yahoo, you might be surprised.

Complete package solutions

Yahoo and Google stand out due to their array of integrated solutions. Yahoo specifically deserves praise for its rich content channels which it has seamlessly integrated with search making it super easy to discover helpful content relating to current events, celebrities and the like.

Google, on the other hand, has largely stolen the show with reliable mail, maps, Google Drive, Google Now, among a range of other useful features. While Bing, being the cool kid on the block, is loaded with useful features. When it comes to finding everything under one roof, it thus primarily comes down to personal preference. Bing and Google are, however, largely interchangeable for many.

Refining searches

When it comes to refining searches, Bing’s utilization of an explorer pane is simply a masterstroke. With Google, you have to navigate and make extra clicks to access the same while Yahoo uses a slide out technique.


For the advertisers interested in reach, it is first and foremost a no-brainer to get indexed in all the three. From a purely statistical perspective, Google obviously takes the day with a whopping 63.9% market share, with Bing coming in second at 20.7. Yahoo has also been pulling its socks to good effect since it now has a 12.7% market share. That said, given the sheer number of searches made every second, Bing and Yahoo are very solid options that can be accessed at a cheaper cost.


Feature wise, Bing and Google stand out. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that Yahoo is also doing a good job at catching up which means that things will only get more interesting with time in this respect. Bing essentially targets shopping, travel, local and health and it offers nifty features such as sneak peeking sites, an explorer pane for fine-tuning searches and even a sentiment extraction function.

Google, on the other hand, targets everything and continues to add handier features such as street views. Yahoo has made its move in a similar fashion by redesigning its mail which is now faster with deeper content integration, easy toggling, multiple delete, among a range of other functionalities. Regarding features, therefore, it all depends on what one needs: whether Google’s everything inclusive approach, Yahoo’s rich content orientation or Bing’s propensity to provide innovative and imaginative hacks.


When it comes to matters shopping, Yahoo shines with its in-depth approach that lets you get close and personal with products via product specs, reviews, and comparison pricing. Google makes use of a related items tab as well as availing reviews and specifications while Bing uses Google’s approach but emphasizes reviews and adds on tabbed navigation to inject sleekness. Overall, though, many find the Yahoo shopping experience more fulfilling.

PPC advertising

With PPC, Google’s AdWords stands head and shoulders above the rest due to its massive reach. However, access to Google’s platform comes at a price which many advertisers find hard to stomach. Thus, Bing, with its considerable range and lesser ad cost comes into play. Bing Ads also deserves applause for its support and flexibility regarding campaign management. Yahoo, PPC wise, loses out courtesy of its inferior but still commendable market share.

All in all, the best of the three boils down to one’s preference and the functionality one is after. Quality wise, they all meet eye to eye and given different circumstances where the three have similar market shares, things would be more heated. For an overall crown, Google takes the day, but Bing is also laudable for its innovativeness and flexibility and Yahoo for its rich content integration.