Bills and Expenses Everywhere

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Cats are expensive… Especially my cats since they are spoiled. Fancy feast… and omg vet bills. Cat medicine is pricy. But it’s worth having Amber and Lily hangout with me late at night. They keep me company late at night when I’m working. Amber is a blue Russian and Lily is a Tabby. You can see pictures of them on my Instagram: Guttulus. Lily had a fever and is currently on antibiotics. She caught a fever, hopefully not due to infection. She was recently declawed (front claws) and sprayed.

Car Maintenance is expensive. And less fun than having cats. Yes another 12 hundred dollars plop down for air conditioning. I tried to go without it (windows down) and it was horrible. I had to save up and reduce my hobbies somewhat. My car has gone to the shop every other month now. And eventually I need to buy a new one… because this maintenance thing is getting insanely pricy.

Dave and Busters…. Please don’t laugh…

Volunteering is expensive. I don’t want to complain too much since it is a choice. And no one is forcing me to volunteer. But if I sit down and calculate how much money is spent on gas and supplies (yes I buy supplies; a lot of times we don’t have the funding to buy it so I spend my own money), it’s a bit frightening. I don’t want to complain since I can choose not to volunteer or I can choose to volunteer less (I’m volunteering almost every weekend). I will have to really sit down and look at reducing my hours. I think I’m at a point where I need as much time as possible to work on branding myself.

And those simple things, like vacations.