Bing Search – 25 Reasons Every Business Should Use Bing


Bing Search – 25 Reasons Every Business Should Use Bing  

On the surface, it does not appear like Bing holds much potential for businesses. However, when you consider that it powers Yahoo ads, you realize that you may be missing out on a lot. Here are the main reasons why you should get on Bing today if you run a business.

1.  Bing users are a specific demographic. Most laptops come with Bing as the default browser. Thus, the people that are not tech savvy continue to use Bing. It is an important demographic, which may be the target audience you need to see your ads.

2.  The search engine results found on Bing are usually relevant to what people are searching on the internet. At times, they are more relevant than those on Google.

3.  The Bing homepage is quite attractive, which is why a growing number of people set it as their default browser homepage.

4.  Bing experiments with many new features all the time. There are more features and styles all the time than what its competitors would be willing to try. You may find that there are new features which are well suited to your business interests.

5.  Bing powers search for its partners that include Kindle, Macintosh, Fire Phone, Facebook, and Netflix. You will benefit from all the SEO data that Bing gets for all these partnerships.

6.  The cost per click on Bing is low compared to other leading search engines. It thus represents an opportunity for you to advertise without having to incur such a huge cost.

7.  Bing ads feature the Google import tool, which lets you import your existing Google AdWords campaign. Thus, you do not have to worry about setting up a new campaign if you decide to use Bing ads to promote your business.

8.  There are almost 60 million searches unique to Bing. Thus, you could reach untapped potential by using Bing for your business.

9.  You have more targeting options if you use Bing to promote your business than on Google. For instance, you can set the location, OS type, and many other unique parameters not possible with Google.

10.  Bing has a reliable customer service as when compared to other CPC companies. It is a perception that has resulted from the quick and helpful responses clients of Bing get.

11.   Bing ads represent 34% of the mobile search market. It is a huge market that could boost the visibility of the tech-savvy generation, most of who are usually on the go.

12.  Bing is the place to be if you have a food based business. Data indicates the Bing searchers spend $500 a month on food.

13.  If you are a car-based business, you should consider using the Bing network. Bing searchers are 98% more likely to make a luxury purchase in the next six months than Google.

14.  Bing is also a search partner for DuckDuckGo. It is a search engine that reaches a unique demographic of people worried about their privacy. The search engine does not store any search history.

15.  Bing introduced automated rules in recent updates. It lets you update your campaign automatically based on a number of parameters. It can save you quite a lot of time.

16.  Bing has four search engines, unlike Google. These are Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. It means that your ads reach quite a wide audience.

17.  There is less competition on Bing. It is especially important for a small business that is running on a tight budget.

18.  Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft. Thus, if you are hoping to reach a certain demographic of people who prefer to use Windows 10, you will benefit a lot from using Bing to reach them.

19.  Bing is the default search engine for Cortana. If you want to reach the unique fan base searchers who use Cortana, you should consider using Bing.

20.  More ladies use Bing compared to other search engines. If you want to reach a good number of these ladies with your business, consider using Bing.

21.  Bing is the preferred network of choice for families with one to three children. It is good to know if this is your demographic.

22.  Bing ads have a 40 character limit. If you would like to target your potential clients better, these extra characters will prove quite useful.

23.  Bing offers more control over search partner targeting. It is quite different to Google where advertisers have little or no control over the search partner network.

24.  With Bing ads, advertisers do not have to worry about close variants. It has been an issue of discontent, especially among AdWords advertisers who are forced to accept close variants of keywords such as misspelled words.

25.  By using Bing, you will get access to better social extensions. Social extensions are important for social proofing. For instance, you will need extensions to the Twitter account, indicating the number of followers. It is possible on Goggle, but only on the Google+ social network. It is problematic since hardly anyone ever uses Google+ unless they belong to a very specific tech savvy demographic.