Bing Vs Google – Which is Better for Local Small Business?

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Bing Vs Google – Which is Better for Local Small Business?  

Google and Bing are the dominant search engines in the world. The objective of this article is to inform you which one is best suited for local SEO. Just because Google have the biggest share of searches in the world, it does not mean it is necessarily the best. Here is an analysis based on various parameters.

Search Quality

Most people who have had a chance to use Bing, report that it offers good quality results or at times better quality results. One reason for this may be that the Google algorithm is refined to become more cerebral than practical.

There have been complaints that Google is so focused on what searchers might be looking for, that they fail to provide what the searchers are asking for. On the other hand, users of Bing claim that it returns the basic information which they need.

If you are a marketer, you will have an easy time reaching clients on Bing since searches are aligned with what customers want.

Why Bother Using Bing?

Besides the fact that Bing’s market share is growing, there are many other reasons why a local business should optimize its site for Bing. For one, since most page focus on being optimal for Google, you can put yourself above the competition by tapping into the 30% of searchers that use Yahoo and Bing.

Besides that, Bing users are of a different demographic compared to Google. Depending on whom your products target, your local business could get a boost by advertising on Bing. For instance, conservative families are more likely to use Bing than Google.

Another reason to think of Bing is that the Google algorithm gets updated often. If that happens, your site could disappear, which could be a big blow to your business before you can recover. It is always great to know you still have access to about 30% of the market with Bing and Yahoo as you adapt your site to Google.

The Strengths of Google for Local Businesses

Most people who think of CPC mainly think of Google AdWords. For one, it means that Google gets to make more revenue. Besides that, it means that advertisers face high costs because of the intensive bidding. However, there is more value with higher costs when you use Google.

One reason why you get more value with Google is that it has the highest search volume in the world. Thus, a small business in a small geographical area will need Google AdWords if they have any hope of their ad being viewed. Besides that, the high search volume means that there is more potential for conversion on your site.

Google offers more Ad extensions than Bing. An ad is usually limited in the number of characters. Most people find it hard to sell to customers in just lines that are 35 characters long. With an ad extension, you are able to sell your message with more ease.

You can enjoy numerous features with ad extensions mobile to call and review extensions, which are good for positive social proof.

Easier to Manage

Google AdWords is renowned for its ease of management. You will manage you CPC campaign while getting access to various features for SEO, targeting and much more. Google has done a lot to incorporate many features while making it easy for users to understand.

Bing Ads Strengths

Most people usually overlook Bing when forming a CPC strategy for their small business. However, the search engine does have its strengths. One major benefit is that it has potentially lower costs than Google. It is perfect for a small business that has a tiny budget.

At times a Keyword that goes for $15 per click costs $5 on Bing. Over a year, that could represent saving hundreds of dollars. Besides that, Bing is the Yahoo network partner for their ad network. Thus, if you feature an advertisement on Bing, it also appears on Yahoo. While it may not seem like much, it represents one in three people of search volume each day.

Bing is also renowned for reliable customer service. If you are a local company which is not in very tech savvy, you need a partner that is ready to walk with you in the entire journey. The representatives at Bing are renowned for being quite helpful during all inquiries.

Which One is the Winner?

Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses. The best strategy would be to use both. With Bing, a client will enjoy a lower cost per click compared to Google. On the other hand, Google will provide a user-friendly platform and high search volumes.

Right now, Google is the preferred platform for most advertisers. One reason is that it offers its advertisers access to high search volumes. However, each small business has its unique needs. For instance, if the local business is located in the heart of the conservative regions of the United States, having a Bing PPC campaign could be a good idea.

The ideal platform will usually depend on the unique requirements of each local business. Make your decision wisely.