Blogging on Sunday Nights is Fun


There’s something about Sunday night… For whatever reason my awareness is heightened.  If I had to guess, it’s forecasted panic.  I’ve always worked Sunday night.  In high school through law school, between 6pm until 4am I can get so much done.  It’s a little frightening since I wonder why I can’t copy this on every other day.  Saturday nights have been pretty good as of late.  But it’s not Sunday night…

I’m dedicated to finishing my blogs strong this year.  Besides a small hiccup, since I got my new website, I’ve done very well having a blog everyday… rather cramming a bunch of blogs on one night.  5 more blogs means I finish the week.  And the year.  Well worth spewing these words now.  I should go to the gym today after this particular blog.  I’m planning on filming 7 guttulus videos tonight.  I’m not in the mood right now but if I don’t set them I won’t have them for buffer.

K2 is a lot of fun and exactly that I thought it would be.  It’s the replacement of Infopath… Just better in everyday.  I definitely don’t mind adding that to my skill set.  It’s going to be more and more valuable moving on.  It’s nice having a client who can give me access.  I’m putting coding on hold until I can lock down K2.

This year has been very good to me.  It started off slow… and honestly pretty negative.  For the most part my previous co-workers didn’t understand why I tried so hard.  They viewed “trying” as something bad… I vowed I’d never allow them to have more followers on any social media platform… right now it’s not even close.  And there was lull period…  Next year there won’t be that lull period.  I’ve set the numbers I want to get to.  And now I have a reason to get these pretty numbers. So pretty.

Life has been going well.  I get to seem the fam again soon.  I should have visited Hong Kong.. but I really despise that flight.  And having jet lag for the entire vacation.  No cruises this year.  The girlfriend has been in and out.  From Dallas.  It’s medium distance which is better the long distance.  It’s nice since she’s busy with her job.  And she’s extremely independent which I appreciate.