Brave by Default and Trolls

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Confession: trolls and negative comments used to bother me a lot.  I took them rather personally.  I have a youtube channel with over 5 million views.  The niche  lends itself to trolling since a large percentage of the audience is younger and 97% are males.

Every negative comment would drive me crazy.  Eventually I deleted a previous channel and created a new one.  The idea was to stay low.  That didn’t work out, as the new channel became engulfed in the same arguments the old channel was. This brings me to the long convoluted conclusion: be brave.

Trolls are people with nothing better to do then tear people down.  They never get anywhere in life.  It is not enough they live in terrible circumstances, but that everyone else feel just as bad as they do.  Ignore them.  They aren’t worth your time.

I started on a new journey and I’m happy.  I can’t really ask for anything more.  Good friends and good times.  A lot has happened already on this adventure… but I share those stories at a different time.  It really is exciting to live the startup life.