How to Break Out in KickStarter and be Discovered


How to Break Out in KickStarter and be Discovered

Kickstarter, a US based public-benefit corporation located in in Brooklyn, New York is a global crowdfunding platform whose primary focus is on the projects that are in the creative space. Founded on April 28, 2009, Kickstarter’s mission is to provide assistance to creative projects by providing them with a platform by which they can attempt to bring their projects to life.

The Kickstarter fundraising platform has been responsible for over 11.8M total backers and 3.7M repeat backers. They have over $2.691B in total pledges received to date, that represents 114,131 total successfully funded projects and 33.9M total overall pledges.

Kickstarter has provided opportunities and exposure to individual projects that would not have received it otherwise. If you have a project and are interested in joining the platform to get discovered for funding purposes, then below are some tips on what others have done in the past to get exposure and recognition they need for their product or project.

Some Preliminary Things to Implement

There are two initial areas that you should take care of before you can be discovered on Kickstarter. One of those things consist of already having your project far enough along so that it attracts attention. The second thing that should be done is to already have a following and a group of supporters.

It’s also important that there is a clear picture painted of the project or venture when writing up your descriptions about the project – that way interested parties can find you without any problems. When writing the description, include all of the necessary details, such as its functionalities, its benefits, who could use the project or product and so forth. You could also include any competing projects and what it’s currently doing in the marketplace. And not only that, but it’s also important to share updates, progress and feedback.

Providing occasional updates about the project and posting newsworthy information can spark an interest in investors and others.

Another thing that helps Kickstarter participants gain popularity and get discovered is the amount of money that they have already raised. Then users can determine the amount of money already raised in comparison to their goal.

It’s also important to be certain to present the project in a good light, because you could also attract other team members who may want to participate, become partners or get involved in some other way. This type of strategic alliance will add a great amount of mileage to your efforts because based on the other interested party’s track record, brand and position in the marketplace, they can actually add more value and worth to your project in a lot of ways. For example, any marketing efforts will be more of an impact and will likely expand its reach as well. When prominent people are brought on board, they will likely share the news through their own social media networks and marketing efforts.

Finally, the product or project will also gain instant credibility and the overall value of the product just may skyrocket as well.