How to Break Out in Periscope and be Discovered


How to Break Out in Periscope and be Discovered

Periscope, one of the latest trends in social media is one of Twitter’s brand-new live streaming video apps, which allows users to upload videos onto the Internet in real time. And amazingly, followers (who could also be referred to as scopers in the future, ) and who could also be watching at the time, has an opportunity to respond in real time as well. Yes, that’s correct they have the opportunity to leave a comment as the video is being recorded.

Periscope has already gained quite a bit of popularity since it’s release in March of 2016. Some have even said that even though it is now on the uprise, it has already risen beyond some of its major competitors. Meerkat, it’s primary rival right now, has also been released in the month of March 2016 as well. However, since Periscope is actually a Twitter-owned app, it’s got somewhat of a competitive edge already. Many people have already taken a liking to this latest app as it is working its way up the social media ladder – very likely to experience more growth spurts as well.

So how does one break out in Periscope and get discovered? One of the first tips is to create a very catchy title that will capture the attention of those perusing the platform.

The title has to be added before you begin filming. Then as users begin to scroll through the platform, they will notice several profile pictures. And at that time they will determine which ones they will watch. So in an effort to capture their attention, a catchy title that stands out above all the rest is necessary. Your title alone will compel them to want to find out more about the video behind the title.

The next thing that you will want to do is to play around on the Periscope platform so that you can become more familiar with it. Then you can best determine what different times of the day people a more active than other times of the day. Once you see that a pattern has been developed, then you should pretty much have an idea as to when you should be broadcasting to your potential audience. Which brings me to my next point that has to do with the timing. Once you’ve determined what time of day followers are the most active, you can then be sure to broadcast your videos around that time. In fact, to take it a step further, you can even let them know when you’re planning to launch your next video and go live, then hopefully, they’ll be standing by, and ready to leave a comment.

Lastly, you can also make your periscope broadcast available on Twitter by using the share option. That way, you’ll be able to share your video with your Twitter followers as well.

Periscope is relatively new and obviously still has a few kinks to iron out, but in the mean time, you can work on developing more campaigns and keeping your eyes open for what other  users are doing to become popular as well.  Then before you know it, you will be Periscope’s next rockstar!