How to Break Out in Tumblr and be Discovered


How to Break Out in Tumblr and be Discovered

Despite the fact that Tumblr has somewhat of a reputation for having other Tumblr users taking hold of other blogger’s content and re-blogging it on their own blogs, it’s still a very active social media platform. The thing is that in order to be considered exceptional or highly popular, you’ll have to deal with some of the downsides of having a Tumblr social media platform. More specifically, you’ll have to deal with what’s referred to Trolls – or bloggers who take the original content of others and use it as their own. Another thing that a Tumblr giant has to do in order to maintain their status is to continue to feed their hungry followers great information and ongoing, regular content. So basically they have the pressure of living up to their follower’s expectations. There’s not necessarily a clear-cut way to becoming famous and being discovered on Tumblr – it usually happens by accident. Typically because a lot of young individuals in their teen years spend a lot of their time on Tumblr and eventually reblog things that seem to be of interest to other people. However, there is somewhat of a strategy that can be implemented in a more solid and controlled manner, and that includes taking the time to actually build up your own community and create your own followers by using more of an organic and strategic approach, including some of the steps that are outlined below.

Start off by picking a topic for your blog. That way those who may happen to run across your blog who are familiar with this topic may likely become a regular follower as a result of it.

On the contrary, those blogs that don’t have a specific theme associated with them but yet have a wide variety of post on different subjects tend to drive off potential followers. They are the ones who are actually interested in a specific theme and may likely become frustrated by having to sort through a lot of different post on a variety of topics.

If you’re not very active, you may have to beef up your activity level by posting at least one blog on a daily basis. Otherwise, you’ll begin to lose followers will get distracted with some of the other Tumblr user’s post. Posting on a daily basis keeps followers around -it keeps them coming back. In fact, they begin to rely on your post on a regular on-going basis.

Avoid reblogging other people’s posts, but rather create original, image rich blog content. You’ll begin to rise to the top and be known for creating something fresh and new that captures the attention of interested followers rather than recycled posts.

Create content that contains a high level of tags if you want people to find you. It’s very important to create keyword rich content, as several people are constantly searching through various tags, so having them on your blog is one of the fastest ways to gain popularity on Tumblr.

Another strategy that you can use to gang more popularity on Tumblr is to promote your blog and network with other Tumblr users.

Remember, however, that it takes time to develop a following by implementing a game plan and a strategy. If you stick to it you’ll find that your hard work will eventually pay off.