Brownies, Red Bull, and Parking Tickets


I meant to blog more often.  The idea was to blog every day.  Well… that doesn’t seem to be working.  Due to a weird malfunction of my website articles are published as posts and dilute my blogs.  However, this irregularity provides me the freedom to not .  Honestly, you probably won’t find this blog until much later.

At my current employment we have unlimited Sprinkles Brownies and Red Bull.  Sugar and energy drinks.  The surprising part is I’ve been sleeping extremely well.  I guess it much be the daily exercise.  I wanted to know how high I could fly and here’s my chance.

At my previous employment, I was restricted due to time constrains.  I did not have free time to learn or grow in the  field I wanted to (PPC).  I spent 90% of my time doing projects or assignments unrelated to PPC.  Now I can spend all my time on PPC.  It’s incredible how much there is to learn and take in.  And it’s exciting.

Or and parking tickets.  I believe I received my last parking ticket in high school.  I went to New York City for college… hence no car.  And then to Williamsburg where parking isn’t an issue.  Then I worked near the city…  so no problem.  I actually love working in the city minus the need for parking lots (although I found a decent one that isn’t always full).

And surprise the Flying Saucer (a local watering hole) is around the corner.  Who knew?   As for my hobbies… they are starting to get more demanding.  I had to trade volunteering and tutoring to make room for them.  It is nice that my hobbies directly relate what I want to do for a living.