Building Your Own Social Personality


The harshest lesson I learned at my previous agency was never to put your own social connections on your company email.  I wasn’t doing anything bad.  The mistake cost me more than 2 years of progress on my social media.  I had to retake all the Google tests which wasn’t difficult.  But annoying nonetheless.  And I lost Google Local.  I haven’t completely recovered everything I lost.  I don’t have Google local and my guttulus youtube channel had to begin a new.

Having your own social media and building your own personality is important.  It’s fun too.  I enjoy it immensely since you can track progress with simple numbers.  And experimenting.  My experiments are elegant.  And they provide me with data to use on real clients.  I’ve always believe you should experiment on yourself before you experiment on a client.  Something lost on many “social media” experts.

It’s hard to fake a personality.  It really is….  Maybe if you posted content once a month you could fake it… but not if you post content every week.  And especially daily postings.  It’s relatively easy to figure out why someone uses social media.  Is it because they want money?  Most times it’s because they want money.  Marketing is a simple calculation for most businesses and brands.  Will I make money?  The fame part is largely irrelevant.

One of the more interesting outcomes is when people pretend they are using social media to “help” and really they are generating revenue for themselves.  Most videos on Youtube about the homeless fall into this category.  Social media is such a weird place for engagement.  What people won’t say to your face in real life they will say to you online.

I use social media as a learning tool. Making money is a secondary purpose.  Learning is more important than money.  Because at anytime, like My Space… social media can go away. YouTube pays less and less per view every month.  As a result… it’s always the skill set that intrigues me.