Burn Out Rates & Startup Life


There’s several articles about this issue.  I thought hey I own a blog… I’ll write my personal view on it.  Burning out is a problem, but the solution is just more hunger.  In startups there is always something more to do.  You have to behave like you are starving… even if you actually are not.  To me, people either have hunger, or they don’t.  The hunger is sort of hard to explain.  And it’s a double edged blade.  For some people being hungry only means that.  For others, it means you will scratch and claw your way to your goal.

Startup life is exhausting but I knew that when I signed up for it.  It’s also a lot of fun.  And I’ve acquired skills I’ve always wanted.  Refinement of said skills is another issue and can only be obtained through true practice.  It wasn’t exactly what I imagined.  You feel alone a lot of the times.  I talk with my GF a lot about my job and she can’t relate.  That’s not a knock on her… but in her industry things don’t really change.  In advertising the entire market can change whenever Google wants it to.  At that point it’s a race to learn how to optimize this change.  And that’s the thing… I have to spend a lot of time learning.  There is no enough.

And sales. I like it.  I’m getting better.  I’m learning the sales funnel one proposal at a time. And largely one rejection at a time.  I get out about 5-7 custom proposals a week.  That’s a pretty good rate.  The one thing I’m proud of is rejection has only made me want to learn the skill more.  I handle rejection very well and I have YouTube to thank.

On YouTube there are trolls…. lots and lots of them.  Arguing with them won’t help because no one remembers the trolls… but they will remember how you handled them.  99% of my audience is male.  I’d guess 80% of them are younger than 25. This is troll central.  Especially since the topic I talk about is a game played largely by socially awkward people.  I can make fun of them since I play the game too.  I’m not sure.. is that how life works?

Oh gosh..  it’s almost 5am.  Essentially Friday/Saturday was a mess.  Coding sprints really do a number on your sleep schedule.  Plus I’m beefing bingeing…  Not the best combination.  I’ve also thought my bingeing skills were one of my best traits.  I can binge on coding as easily as I can on video games… it’s all the same to me.  I even semi-binge on these blogs.