Business Owners Doing PPC



My dream is for clients to manage their own PPC.  I want to educate a new batch PPC managers… business owners.  The best person to run PPC is a business owner.  They understand the terminology and what their business is better than a PPC “expert.”  The simple reason… owners live their business each day.  PPC managers don’t live and breathe the business.  Many PPC managers are responsible for dozens if not hundreds of accounts; they don’t have the same fire
for success a PPC trained business owner would.  After all a failed campaign among a dozen success ones, probably means a raise.

It’s not replacing PPC managers I want… it’s training business owners to make the right decision when they hire a PPC manager.  Business owners have better things to do then PPC. Not every PPC manager is a good fit… many aren’t… because of this.we provide best Houston PPC training and study guide .

I akin this to tutoring… something I’ve enjoyed since middle school.  I’ve tutored at the most prestige levels, taught several hundred high school and middle school students, over 500 college students, and dozens of business owners.  For students to be successful they must be vested in their own development.  The same for a business owner.  Before a business owner hires someone for PPC, they should learn enough to manage it themselves.  This prevents the scammy nature associated with marketing in general.

To this end… I have to sacrifice certain things for this goal.