How businesses are trying to cash in on Pokémon Go craze


How businesses are trying to cash in on Pokémon Go craze

The developer of Pokémon Go might have planned to introduce an augmented reality, which will bring a new experience to the gaming world, but the people received with a different perception. Others play it for fun (its primary purpose), but enterprises view it as a perfect business equipment – one that they can use to increase Pokémon foot traffics towards their premises as well as use in boosting their sales and overall performance. Using Pokémon Go to generate money is a demanding task, but one that pays off if executed with proper strategies. The following is an outline of how businesses are trying to cash in on Pokémon Go craze.

The Overview

Retail businesses use their shopfronts to hang Pokémon posters in a bid to offer special to the Pokémon Go trainers. In some cases, cafes and coffee shops offer discounted or half-price snacks or drinks to Pokémon Go players or even provide charge points for battery packs and phones. These measures are perfect ways of getting trainers to move towards the business premise or hang around it. With time, many players will learn that the establishment is Pokémon-friendly, which will prompt various trainers or even teams may hang around or become regular visitors of the joint even when the craze ends.

An Aussie shop – a fish and chip store located in Melbourne – reported a surge in the number of customers to about 300 in a day. It is one of the businesses in the country that experience a massive increase in their trades due to the fact they exist near Poke stops or locations close to rare Pokémon. Those searching for the stops or rare Pokémon end up branching to the establishments next to them to buy a few things.

One enterprising lady decided to stock up lemonade and chips in a Poke Stop Shop by setting it up on a Poke stop after realizing that her house was close to one. Similarly, some real estate agents use the proximity of some homes to various hotspots of Pokémon Go as their primary selling points. Further evidence of how businesses cash in on Pokémon includes a set of establishments whose marketing campaigns revolve around the program; Inflatable World, located in Caboolture, north of Brisbane. They organized a Pokémon Saturday, in which the heads of the event gave trainers free Pokémon cards for every picture they took of their inflatables’ critters. In addition to that, they also offered prizes to those who caught Pokémon that met specific criteria.

Another business that uses Pokémon to make extra money include the Readings Bookstore, located in Carlton, Melbourne. It created a shopfront with a Pokémon-theme.  The Red Cross also capitalizes the use of Pokémon, with its Brisbane-based staff dropping a lure module next to one of the organization’s mobile blood banks. As a result, they found ten donors, with six of them being newbies who had never donated their blood before the occasion.

According to the spokeswoman of Blood Service, Smetioukh Belinda, the Red Cross can credit Pokémon Go with rescuing lives through blood donation just as other users praise for getting gamers out of various locations and walking to others.

Elsewhere, the drivers Joyride – a shuttle service for golf carts located at the Nashville’s downtown –noticed a group of young riders asking to tour various landmarks in different parts of the city while enjoying the Pokémon Go. A company in the same town also launched an official private tour for the players of Pokémon Go only. Rosenblatt Grant, the COO of Joyride Nashville reported that the game helped them book seven tours in one day. He added that although the company serves many tourists and adults around the city, the introduction of the Pokémon Go presents a perfect opportunity for it to provide their services to families. He added that Joyride charges $45 person, enabling families to tour within a radius of 2.5 miles for one and a half hours.