Buying Things I Don’t Need



This has been a bigger problem lately.  I’m not sure what is happening… But according to my back account I’ve made a lot of purchases that can’t be justified.  Like… I’m looking at some of these expenses… and it’s face palm….  I need to get my spending under control.  Which is funny.. when you have last time to do things you just spend more money getting them done.  Time really is money.  While I can’t justify my recent spending… I don’t want to cut it either.  A lot of the spending relates to my hobby of commissioning things.  Which is perfectly okay.  I can stomach that.  But some of the things I need to stop.

The crazy part… is I haven’t had much free time to spend my money.  That’s the nature of online spending… you don’t need much time to buy something.  I get really excited for it to come… and then have to wait… for mail.. and then I’m not excited anymore… And I get it… and it’s like meh.. cool.   My shopping summarized.

I have a bunch of semi-fun videos to make today.  I need to set up a plan if today is going to be productive.  I already feel productivity is going down… and I can imagine that I’m still here typing at 11pm.  It’s just so hard to be productive on a Saturday.  It’s always been the toughest day of the week.  Sundays are the most productive by far.  Mainly because I’ve taught myself to cram.  In college I could study until 5am and then go to class fully alert at 8am.

Oh I know why… productivity is so low on Saturdays.  It’s because I had Saturday lab… when I was in college.  It was organic chemistry and from 8am until 1pm.  Or something like that.  And I lived so far away from campus.  Greenwich village.  And my roommates… I had 7 other roommates were crazy art students.  Truly an epic experiment in temperance.

If I can avoid watching football.. which shouldn’t be too difficult. I have a lot of emails to send… ick.  Writing these blogs are fun.. I find out everything I have to do… and haven’t done yet.  As it stands the next 7 weekends should be great productivity wise.  And if I get a few work at home days… I’ll be completely fine.  Working at home is bae.