Buying Time With Money



They say time is the hardest thing to buy… and really it is.  If I could buy more time I would.  Therefore it makes sense for me to figure out how to free up more of my time.  One of the most time consuming things is managing my graphic team… yes.. I’m serious.  I currently pay 4 freelancers to create work for my youtube channel.  It’s difficult to manage them all.  Especially ones which need more mentoring…  It’s sort of stressful.  With this gloomy weather… being on Facebook chat… not the greatest.

If I can find independent creatives who don’t need to talk with me too much on chat.. that’s ideal.  I have two of them… they have long term projects and are working diligently to complete them.  YouTube has taught me a lot.  It has also taught me how to manage creative personalities.  The best creatives are the ones who would do what you hired them to do anyways.  The whole money issue sorts itself out later.

Another big time engulfer is netflix.  I have a love hate relationship with netflix… i can’t just watch one episode… i try to finish the entire season in one go.  Sometimes it works.  And sometimes it results in late night crunch which shouldn’t really happen.

And friends… but that can’t be helped.  They drop by randomly to drag me out to do things and go place.  Which I appreciate.

Oh and the cat… who is now a force of destruction.  No collectable is safe.  I’m still trying to figure out how I got to Sunday at 8pm… without doing that much… probably a mix of the hurricane, friends, and food.  The eating every meal part is bad… I eat a meal and then eat the leftovers for lunch.  Repeat.

It’s not like my life is a mess.  It’s pretty neat and together.  There’s just a lot to do.. and it’s slightly ridiculous to think about.  I don’t even have time to shoot my funny marketing video series for this channel or write up articles.

For tonight I have to do a white case study….  which will take a long time… write another blog so I can start buffering again…  And then a proposal… some Facebook ads..  etc etc.  Oh and to finish the software specifications.