Chinatown and Late Nights



Houston doesn’t really have a Chinatown.  When I think Chinatown I think New York City.  Man I miss the food.  I loved the duck and the random alley stores.  And of course there is flushing which is more akin to a China county.  I had dim sum today.  It was really good.  I miss Saturday labs into Chinatown with David, Usman, Jimmy, and a bunch of other pre-med nerds.  The food was fantastic by the way…. But the walking… I don’t miss that.  Although I’m sure I was much healthier because of it.

Now onto my second topic.  Late nights.  I still can’t figure out why I’m so much more efficient at night time.  I’ve tried the whole wake up early get work down thing… but it doesn’t work.  In that scenario I spent the majority of my time on YouTube watching people open sports cards… that’s a thing.

My favorite combination is Chinatown with Late Nights.  Karaoke was huge when I went to college.  Good friends and fun entertainment.  It was even better my Freshman year when I went to China.  Now that was fun.  Especially since everything was 50% cheaper.  I should go back sometime.  I miss the food immensely and the toys.  OMG I miss the artwork.  You can pay 60 yuan (around 10 bucks) to have a person paint anything you want… on the spot.  I miss this dearly.