How to choose a good SEO company for your business or website? 25 tips


How to choose a good SEO company for your business or website? 25 tips   

Choosing a good SEO company manifests as a demanding task for many businesses and clients who do not have a guide on how to go about it. 25 tips to follow when choosing an SEO firm include:

Target recommendations

Recommendations go a long way to revealing the best companies that can be approached for SEO and should be among the first aspects to consider.

Focus on organic search solutions

A company that is focused on organic search solutions is the best since their strategy is based on getting effective results from strategic solutions.

Avoid companies promising proprietary methods

An important point to note when targeting the best SEO companies is to avoid companies that promise to use proprietary methods since there is no secret sauce to SEO.

Target local firms

The best strategy in choosing a good SEO company that will serve the purpose is targeting a local firm since it guarantees face to face conversations and meetings to strategize and get reports.

Experience with businesses

A unique way of determining a good SEO company is checking the experience it has with small, medium sized and larger corporations as it reflects the ability of the agency.

Explore the reviews

The reviews that clients have left with regards to a given firm act as the window through which prospective clients should evaluate the firm and thereby identify the competence of the agency.

Footprints within your niche

The footprints that an SEO firms has within your niche of operation should be the ultimate pointer to the potential that the company has in handling the marketing needs.


The level of reliability that a company exhibit is one way of determining the best agencies that can handle SEO at an advanced stage.

Fees and charges

Varied methods of charging and different packages are often indicators of experience within the field and a clear direction as to what is required so whether it is a flat rate per month or per project or percentage of revenue generated; fees and charges exhibit flexibility and service.

Target the references

The references that an SEO firm has are direct reflections of the quality of work they deliver and should be an important guide to the best companies available.

Effective reporting

A major pointer to the best SEO firms is the ability of the agency to have effective reporting mediums that streamline the operations of an SEO campaign.

Focus on techniques for implementation

A good SEO company is determined by its ability to structure the techniques for implementation of strategies and it should be what a client focuses on.

Updates and communication

The efficiency with which a company is able to integrate updates and structure communication mediums should be a pointer to the competence of a firm to deliver on what customers need.

Evaluate plan for ROI

An SEO company with a plan for ROI is a worthy partner to have since it shows their dedication and valuation of the customer and the investment being made in the marketing efforts.

Background checks

There is a positive twist to targeting background checks since it involves checking on the run-of-the-mill customers who provide an honest opinion and assessment.

Check out firms own page

This is a classic way of mapping a company since the way an agency is able to handle its own SEO delivers a vivid idea of its capability and overall potential.

Checking the track record

The track record that an SEO agency has speaks volumes about their workload and rate of satisfaction which underlines the high performing agencies.

Target testimonials

The testimonials that a company has including how long the company has maintained a client and how happy they remain are ways of determining the best agencies in the business.

Focus on scoping the website

A company that is able to scope the website and identify pathways on how optimization will be carried out and the tactics that will be used is sure to provide desirable results.

Check for strategies beyond SEO

An SEO firm does not only restrict operations to SEO and the ability to offer strategies beyond SEO is what determines the best companies.

Monitor linking strategies

Being able to monitor the linking strategies being offered by an EO agency will ultimately deliver an insight into their pathway whether it is one way or reciprocal linking which maps a good company.

Customer care

The level of customer care that a company offers defines its capacity to handle the best clients and deliver the right results and this boils down to the initial enquiry and answering of questions regarding SEO.

Ability to target keywords

An inquest into the ability of the company to target keywords is a favorable avenue that ensures you get to identify the competence of the company and the impact it can make in the SEO world.

Explore Tools being utilized

A particular strategy to adopt in choosing a good SEO company is exploring the tools that are bound to be utilized in research, reporting, technical and link building.

Avoid “Top SEO” lists

The best way to choose a good SEO company is to ensure you avoid the “Top SEO” lists which barely provide a real picture of the competence of the companies listed.