Christmas Presents & Productive Monday


This Monday was okay productivity wise.  I didn’t get as much as I wanted done on Sunday but enough.  I’m semi-proud of myself….  I forced myself to shoot videos even when I absolutely didn’t want to.  I also packaged all the out going mail.  Each month I send various packages everywhere.  For my hobby channel. It’s a nice relaxing time once a Monday every month.  I enjoy it immensely since it’s me being productive and I get to watch a movie on Netflix.  The small things in life.

There’s still a lot to be done.  However.. I’m incredibly excited for these holidays.  I’m not sure while.  Normally I’m not a holiday person.  Last year I went on a cruise to Mexico.  The year before I went on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii from San Fran.  I got to hang out in San Fran both years.  One at NADA and the second before the Hawaii Cruise.  On a cruise… I mainly eat.  I can eat a lot….  But eating non-stop for 14 days isn’t good… for anyone.  I snack late night.  Food taste so much better at night time….

An endless all night buffet is crazy.  Which brings me to this holiday.  I wanted to stay in Houston.  It will be my first holiday in Houston… as odd as that sounds. I’ve been in this city since 2012.  And I haven’t had one holiday at home.  I’m looking forward to relaxing.  And doing more PPC.  And updating my study guides learning about instagram advertising.  Lots of new exciting things to learn.

I’m looking forward to finally buying myself a new camera!!!  That’s going to be my gift to myself.  A new camera or camcorder.  My old one is fine… but I want to do photography.  And it’s been a while….  since I got to spurge on something. Speaking of which.

I sent my illustrator a nice Christmas present I know she will like.  It’s fun buying other people stuff.  Although it’s probably more fun buying other people stuff that I can use… haha.  Just kidding.  One year in college, I purchased the poison wood bible for all my friends… they hated it… Likely the worst Christmas gift I ever got…  they still grill me on that today.

This week has been interesting.  Tuesday and Wednesday were incredibly productive.  It is Thursday today.  And I’m just finishing up this particular blog.  There’s a lot I want to write about.  Actually PPC related.  I know that’s weird.  I normally don’t talk much about what I do for a living.  I learned several important lessons running my marketing business. And it’s always important to share what you learn.  🙂