Collecting Things I Don’t Really Need


One of the worst characteristics traits I have.. is I buy things I know I have no useful.  Case in point… books… I don’t really have the time to read them… but I can’t stop buying them.  I order them from Amazon… from eBay, and if a local store has a few hundred… I think nothing of making an offer for everything.  Literally… every book in the store…  The other thing is cards…  Although I’ve been much better recently… a result of being too busy to really care.  Cards are on the lower end of importance.  I guess there’s one more…. anime related things.  Which will make February an extremely expensive month.

Houston is having a large anime convention the last week of February…. and there is a large card convention… at the same place.  In the 48 hours I will likely be at the Brown convention center… I’m already dreading the amount of things I will buy.  I don’t have room.  One of the reason I haven’t moved to an apartment in the city… is due to the sheer number of “things” I own.  It’s sort of scary…

The convention center will be full to the brim of things to buy.  I went to Christmas market early December… that hurt my wallet a lot.  I was able to complete some of my Christmas shopping but most of the stuff I kept for myself… including a $32 bottle of honey.  It’s sitting in my cupboard somewhere.  I probably should at least open it.

I tend to buy a lot of merch from the artist gallery.  I like commissioning things.  Even without conventions, I commission a bunch.  I’ve always found customization the prefer gift.  Since’s it’s one of a kind.  I’d much rather have an autograph that says “To Tony – Russel Westbrook” than just a regular auto… even though having the “To Tony” part kills any resell value.  Custom art is the same way.  If you commission art, then you are likely the highest bidder for that particular art piece.  No one values that art more than you… since you commissioned it.

Obviously, I’m trying to rush out another blog…. It will give me 4.  Which means the next time I have to use buffer… I can write that blog for that day.  This strategy works best when i don’t have work the next day.  I can sit and drink hot cocoa.  And ponder things… like how much money should I budget for that weekend.  There’s one added caveat…. I can also sell a lot of things.  I can sell far more than I would be able to buy.. if I wanted to.  My collection of cards. has a lot of value.  It may be time to move some of my collection.  And there’s no better place… since you will have multiple stores there at the ready to buy.