Do Companies Hire Graduates of Coding Bootcamps? 25 Facts


Do Companies Hire Graduates of Coding Bootcamps? 25 Facts           

The short answer is yes, and this is mostly down to the phenomenal growth rate that the software industry continues to witness. With such rapid advancement, it is only natural that an ensuing skills gap would materialize and coding camps have evolved to cater for this demand. Below are 25 illuminating facts concerning why companies hire bootcamp graduates including job realities that the said graduates grapple with.

Ready to deploy skills

Coding bootcamps employ curriculums that are developed with the market needs in mind. As such, graduates are equipped with skills that have an immediate impact in the marketplace which fosters employability.


Companies have realized that bootcamp graduates are cheaper compared to University graduates since they are more willing to take lesser pay.

Lower hiring cost

Additionally, the cost of recruiting bootcampers tends to be lower compared to hiring University graduates which makes cost conscious establishments gravitate towards camp graduates.

Willing to learn

Bootcamp graduates understand that they are at a disadvantage in comparison to degree holders. They are, therefore, more ready to learn in a bid to bridge the knowledge gap.

Willing to impress

To prove that they are not inferior to degree holders, bootcampers attack their work with gusto under the premise and belief that what really matters is performance. This makes them more appealing from a company’s perspective.

Right attitude

Willingness to learn, impress, and improve cumulatively results in a good attitude which is another plus that makes bootcampers ideal employees.

Lower expectations

Computer science graduates have very high job expectations unlike bootcamp graduates. Therefore, in many employers’ school of reasoning, bootcampers come off as less demanding and more likely to show gratitude.

Less conducive work environment

In line with lower expectations, companies know that they can get away with offering boot camp graduates less conducive working conditions.

Lined up opportunities

Often, graduates from established and known bootcamps enjoy employment immediately they finish school which is proof that coding camp graduates are quickly hired.

Fast learners

The crash course nature of bootcamps means that only quick learners survive without many hiccups. This reality makes such graduates readily employable.

Freelancer jobs

It is not uncommon for bootcampers to undertake freelance projects while still undergoing training. Therefore, providing evidence that coding professionals, regardless of the training channels used, are in high demand.

The companies that hire

Startups prefer bootcamp graduates due to cost implications. The number of tech startups continues to increase at an increasing rate which is music to bootcampers’ ears.

Independent contractor gigs

To mitigate risks associated with hiring code camp graduates, companies outsource gigs to the said graduates. This is probably the main reason why freelance coders enjoy a myriad of projects.

Less benefits

University graduates demand significant benefits and employers preemptively skirt this by going for bootcamp graduates who are less demanding.

Bootcampers have a portfolio

Leading bootcamps have rigorous schedules with an emphasis on creating actual software that is usable out-of-the-box. Most companies know this and they, therefore, have no qualms with employing camp graduates.


With a portfolio, relevant experience is ascertained which is one more reason why most companies do not have an issue with hiring bootcamp graduates.

High turnover rate

Bootcamp graduates tend to change jobs quickly in a bid to find better employment terms. This creates a scenario where many companies are ever in search of replacement labor.

Able to work under pressure

The rigorous nature of coding bootcamps acts as proof that graduates can perform under pressure which adds more color to their status as employable persons.

Career progression

The considerable turnover rate of boot camp graduates in the job market is also down to the fact that career advancement, as a bootcamp certificate holder, tends to be slower.

More work for lesser pay

Due to the perceived lower status of bootcamp graduates, trainees after completing the course take more work for lesser pay. This works to the advantage of firms hence making them more willing to absorb the said graduates into their ranks.

They evolve quickly

Camp graduates’ willingness to learn makes it easy for them to adapt and evolve in the face of a rapidly advancing tech industry.

The bootcamp graduate stereotype

Some companies subscribe to the stereotype surrounding bootcamp graduates as cheaper professionals who are more willing to impress.

Good team players

It is impossible to survive in bootcamp without teamwork and support which serves to make graduates great team players – a reality that employers appreciate.

An open mindset

Graduates understand that bootcamp is only the beginning and an open mindset and commitment to learning and perfecting computing skills are necessary to achieve success. These attributes fan a warmer approach regarding companies’ willingness to hire bootcamp graduates.

More likely to work in probation work arrangements

To boost chances of getting coveted job spots, bootcamp graduates are usually more willing to work in tryout arrangements which quell most of the risks and concerns companies have.

Bootcamp is as good a channel as any of achieving coding prowess and getting employed in the sector. However, graduates have to make peace with the fact that computer science degree holders will often enjoy priority in considerations for plum positions.