Consistency is the Key to Social Media


I’ve tried to explain this concept to people we hired at the old agency.  To gain followers, subscribers, etc… you have to constantly post.  Consistently is the number one indicator whether your social media will garner attention.  It’s a grind.  I don’t feel like writing 3-5 blogs today but I do so… every single time.  I have about 14 videos to make.  One of them can span an hour.  I’m not in the mood today and I’m delaying, but I’ll still make them without a doubt.  At the old agency just about everyone was a recent graduate out of college.  They expect things to be handed to them.  Instead of wanting to learn, they criticize… don’t do… and wonder why I have more followers.  Simple consistency.

There are plenty of days I don’t want to code.  Work… is startup life so its long and a grind.  however I still force myself to code.  If Friday night is the only time I can code.. then I’ll give up my Friday nights.  How do you get better at coding… you code.

The same applies for social media.  Maybe 10% of content I put out, I’m actually excited by.  Most content however, I sit and delay until the last minute… when buffer tells me there is no content left… haha.  Sort of like these blogs.

If you can’t grind for yourself… then how are you going to grind for your clients.  PPC, SEO, and marketing are a grind.  It’s repeat actions.  And sometimes undoing those very actions when it doesn’t work.  The idea things should be handled to you… nothing was ever handed to me.  I had to work and grind even when it felt like it didn’t matter.  Does this blog matter?  And that is the definition of startup life.   Sending proposals, creating ppc funnels, and grinding until one day.. you have a company you are proud of.  Never be afraid to get messy or work hard.  Hard work sharpens the skills you already have…. and allows you to develop new ones.