Continuous / Repetitive Content Writer – SEO Writer


If you have a website or blog, if you don’t already know…
It is absolutely important to add new content to your
website or blog… I can help you with content!

ALSO, if you are trying to target certain keywords to
help with the organic search engine results, writing keyword
specific content is also important! I can help you with SEO content!

For example: Attorneys may want specific content written
about each type of cases they handle.. Criminal Defense Attorney’s
will probably want SEO content about different types of cases…
Burglary Attorney, Burglary crimes, Los Angeles Burglary Attorney,
Drug Attorney, Los Angeles Criminal Defense, etc… A home re-modeler
may want keyword specific articles like.. Siding, Roofing, Los Angeles Roofing
Los Angeles Siding, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Los Angeles
Kitchen Remodeling… etc.

I can either write content to provide content to your website or blog that
is about various topics, or I can write SEO keyword specific content.

For more information, please email me what industry you are in and
what you are looking for.