Contract Termination Letter/Email

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Termination Letter/Email

*This is often the most important things agency and freelancers forget. Many times a client will continue to ask for modifications months after the project is completed. Sending a termination notice allows you to charge for these modifications without the awkward stage of wondering whether you will be paid or not. A simple email usually suffices.


Dear Client,
This notification is to inform you that we are terminating our services provided by [insert] contract on [date].   The contract and all corresponding services have been completed in full.  This email is notification of such.  No further services will be provided without a new signed contract.


Please note that you have 14 days from [date] to ask for additional modifications under [insert] contract. After this time, you will need to sign a modification or maintenance contract for continued service.


We enjoyed working with you for the past [insert] years, and wish you the best.
Please find our report below.
Sincerely Guttulus