Conversion Centric SEO Resume in Houston Texas


We provide affordable web site design–designed towards the Holy Grail of visitor-to-client conversion–the process of psychologically inspiring visitors to become customers.

Alongside of site design, or as an independent job, we are also expertly well versed, very experienced and successful in SEO strategy and implementation. Almost all web site designers can state this, but we have been doing expert level, white hat SEO for eight years, and have a very successful track record. We offer stand alone SEO services, and are the SEO guides for several Bay Area marketing brokers.

We are local and don’t farm out our work anywhere.

Our services:
Web design and development
Mobile site design
Web site maintenance (of already existing sites, including CMS systems)
SEO search engine optimization (our own proprietary method)
Ad Words campaigns
Retargeting campaigns
Graphic design
Digital design
SMM social media marketing (including basic youtube video creation)
Blog creation
Content writing (blogs or other website or online content)
Powerpoint creation
Book publishing
Photoshop editing
Image color correction

Recently, we have worked on a major sales presentation brochure project for a European-style window and door manufacturer, four websites in the Bay Area (a Yosemite vacation lodge, an event production company, a permeable paving contractor company, a waterproofing and siding contractor), and are also doing SEO for these businesses. We’ve done SEO for a gourmet salad dressing company, and a handmade coconut wax candle company. We’ve done ebook and book design and inbound marketing for an upcoming spiritual center.

Please contact us for two portfolio links, and other SEO performance reports.

My background covers over two decades of experience as a writer/editor and graphic designer in two publishing houses that brought out books, newspapers, magazines, booklets, brochures and the full range of marketing and support publications.

Web Design
We have been crafting websites for many years–bringing the knowledge, aesthetics, psychological analysis of audience and professional-level expectations of the print world to the web world. For each design or writing project I work with the client closely to explore their needs, and to offer my insight and advice as to a final outcome that performs beyond expectations. I offer a full range of design approaches and philosophies, keeping familiar with current trends and techniques, but also tacking close to traditional values of great design and development.

Search Engine Ranking
Search engine ranking is even more critical in today’s economy. Ranking is the position your site occupies on Google or Yahoo (and other search engines) when web users type in natural keyword and keyword phrases to find services or products you may offer. If your site is not showing in the top 2-3 pages of Google or Yahoo search results pages on these potential clients/customers searches then you are missing valuable business. In today’s business climate you want your site ranking as high as possible in the search engines. This brings click-through by visitors to your site. I bring expert-level design, writing and editing, and coding for best practice search engine ranking–either for established sites or new sites. Search ranking is a combination of excellent copy writing, very knowledgeable metatag composition, targeted HTML tag and page naming, and other coding features. For new sites, design figures into the ranking equation, and is critical for visitor to client conversion.