Which Conversion Metrics Should You Optimize for?


Which Conversion Metrics Should You Optimize for?   

 Let’s look at the most popular choices. 

You can track time on site. 3+ mins is good… 5+ mins is better? Not necessarily. Depending on your industry, users spending lots of time could mean your website has terrible UI/UX. A lost and confused user is probably not happy. Long dwell time is not always a good thing. *On the SEO end, Google’s Paul Haar clearly stated Dwell time does not affect organic rankings.

You can track by number of pages visited… but you run into the same problems as tracking by time spent. Just because a user browses many pages, doesn’t mean they are having a good experience. They could be looking for specific information… that they can’t find. 

Understanding user flow to establish a goal. Google analytics is great. You can use it to set up various goals. It describes how users are interacting with your content. From this you can establish a user experience roadmap. And set the roadmap as a goal.

CTR or click through rate is a better conversion metric, but far from perfect. CTR affects ad quality score which affects cost and ranking. While CTR is important… getting the click is only the first step of the customer journey. It’s incomplete at best.

Form submissions…. have declined drastically. A $15,000 monthly AdWords account generates me 11-15 submissions a cycle. It’s hard to optimize with a small data set subject to variance. And even if you did… would the ROI be worth it?  We track this metric but we don’t report it.

You can track certain pages. You can put a tag on a page which the user can only see after completing the conversion action. Such as a thank you page when a user makes a purchase. This works great. You can also set tracking to the contact us / location page. Just make sure no PPC efforts are sending traffic directly to tracked page.

Phone calls, I like a lot… We count a phone conversion 60 seconds or more. This gives the receiver time to verify the call. For our insurance providers conversions happen at 180 seconds or more. Using a third party, you can record the phone conversations. No more clients saying they aren’t getting leads.

The 2 conversion I’m using are CTR and Phone calls. They are easy for the client to understand. CTR is based on relevance and will reduce our cost… allowing us to get more clicks. While Phone calls are live leads ready to speak with someone. I’ve left out numerous conversion types. Which one if your favorite?