Cramming Sunday Nights… Always


This weekend didn’t start productive.  Friday/Saturday weren’t great.  But Sundays always seem to bail me out.  Here’s the list of things I was able to do.

    • 15 videos for my hobby channel (5 of them very difficult to record)
    • Created new Patreon for hobby channel
    • Finished Competitor Research
    • Shopping for Food

  • Visit Friends
  • Exercise
  • Lawn Care
  • House Cleaning
  • 13 videos for the Guttulus Youtube Channel
  • Finish a 13 series anime series (while doing all the above)
  • Start SuperSmash Bros for 3ds

That being said the 13 videos are still be uploaded right now and they need to be edited slightly.  But over all yesterday was an extremely productive day.  I developed this interesting trait… not only do I work better at night… I work best Sunday nights.

And the night honestly isn’t over yet… I can either eat cake and play some video games or I can write up another article for tomorrow.  Typically articles take about 1 hour to write up.  However, I’m sure I can mangle one together before I need to head off to sleep.

Now that I think about it… Saturday mornings between 1am until 4am and Monday mornings between 11am and 3am are by far the most productive times for me.  I’m pretty sure I know why.  In college and law school these were the times I would go to the library and study by myself.  I’m weird I know.