Crashing Down :Coming Back Every Time



I’m going to post my blogs more consistently. I wrote a few blogs in my sketch book. My plan was to scan them since there were also fun doodles. But my WordPress template doesn’t seem to like that. Back to blogging using html. I need to a better WordPress template eventually to create better blogs.

Sunday night I had the best steak and crabs. Yum. Sometimes you need to spurge on life. My car is in the shop again… but the loaner car they gave me is amazing. It’s the new Acura MDX… fully loaded. I don’t want to give it back. haha. I did some car shopping this weekend as well. Not the most fun experience but I do need a new car.

I’ve started playing civilization V on steam with friends. It’s crazy how little the game has changed since high school. I remember playing civilization III and it’s the same game. Playing with old college friends is the kicker though.

Shooting videos for my “hobby” is time consuming and honestly boring. The only reason I spend time doing it, is because the numbers are too good not to continue. However, sunken fallacy. My plan is to make it to 2 years on YouTube and see where the numbers are. I’ll make a decision about the future of the channel after that.

Work has been fun. I’m most excited for the next step in the project…. sales and doing the thing I’m good at. Oh and before I forget, I’m teaching myself to play the piano again. And I need to visit the shopping mall to buy new clothes…. like last week.