How to Create a Lead Generation Funnel Using Your Blog? 25 Ways


How to Create a Lead Generation Funnel Using Your Blog? 25 Ways 

As per a Hubspot publication, a whopping 60% of businesses do not make use of blogs as primary lead generation tools. Of the 40% who do, only a handful are serious about it and even fewer go about it the right way. It is a multifaceted statistic that points out the gaping opportunity that a savvy marketer can take advantage of to propel sales to the next level. Below are 25 ways regarding how to create a lead generation funnel using your blog.

Quality content

It all starts with quality content; that much is obvious. It is the only way to generate constant traffic that can be funneled and converted into hot leads.

Educative niche content

Quality content only will not suffice; additionally, it has to address a particular niche and contain educative material geared towards fostering awareness and peaking guests’ interest in your products.


All content must have a call-to-action. It has to be integrated seamlessly to avoid an all-about-sales content aura. In this regard, you must be creative.

Avoid hard selling

Hard selling, such as trying to shove product down visitor’s throats from the onset, will render your marketing efforts in vain and drive away potential clients. Show genuine interest via patient priming.

Illustrate your expertise

Make sure the content you publish alludes to your expertise concerning whatever you seek to sell. Customers find it easier to purchase from knowledgeable sellers.


If content promotion at the least possible cost is your goal, of which it should be, then, SEO is inevitable.

Promote content

Besides promotion through SEO, publicize your content via other feasible means including social media, SEM, etc., to maximize traffic.

Focus on targeted promotion

Concentrate more on targeted promotion as per your industry to access people more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. PPC can come in handy.

Have a consistent publishing schedule

Most bloggers make the mistake of having irregular posting intervals. Ideally, post weekly on a day of your choosing and stick to your set schedule.

Publish related content

Weekly postings are no easy feat. In this light, do not limit yourself to content in your given niche only. Venture out a little to break the monotony but always find a way to tie all content to what you have to offer.

Collect contacts

With good, well-formulated content and vibrant promotion, you will generate traffic. Collect as many contacts as you can by using forms, encouraging inquiry via email or telephone, etc.

Lead scoring

Sieve collected contacts to determine those most likely to result in purchases. Given what you sell, it can be based on age, sex, level of interest, location, etc.

Reach out to high ranking leads

Only reach out to the highest scoring leads that have a high probability of making purchases. It is imperative since approaching unready persons will make them withdraw, nullifying your efforts thus far.

Recycle low ranking leads

Low ranking leads, with patience and dedicated priming, by offering targeted content, can be converted into customers.

Find out customer concerns

Content aimed at low ranking leads must take into consideration the questions they are likely to have about the product. Try to perceive such concerns and address them.

Use demonstrations

Demonstrations are a handy way of quelling product concerns, they instill consumer confidence and build a bridge of trust.

Feature lists

A comprehensive feature list that points out the stand-out attributes of your product can capably be used to prime warm and cold leads into hot leads willing to make a purchase.

Comparison charts

To differentiate what you offer with competitor products, use comparison charts. Often, most people only need to know that the product on offer has the edge over other market variants to make a purchase.

Price breakdowns

To cater to the price-conscious, have elaborate and palatable price breakdowns.

Info graphs

Info graphs are another nifty way to summarize what your products are all about in a straightforward manner that will appeal to image-oriented persons.

Offers and Bonuses

Take the time to incorporate offers and custom rewards into your content to appeal to and arouse the interest of more visitors. Offer something useful for free in exchange for contact information for instance.

Trial versions and samples

If possible, make use of trials and samples to impress upon visitors that they really have nothing to lose by trying out what you have to offer.

Few product options

Do not bombard leads with a myriad of goods; usually, it results in decision paralysis. Instead, focus on promoting three or four superior products.

Simplify your blog

Simplicity is the fabric of elegance and beauty. Simplify your blog and make everything straightforward and to the point.

Compile related blog pages to create effective landing pages

Assemble all product specific content on a page and list related resources on the side with all relevant product links to create super-focused landing pages. It is a tactic majority of big time bloggers use.

With dedication to the above ways of funnel creation, the only other ingredient needed for sustained success is commitment to sealing any resultant loopholes. An approach that respects the fluidity of markets is also crucial in order to adapt to changes.