How to Create LinkedIn Ads from Scratch Step by Step in 2017


How to Create LinkedIn Ads from Scratch Step by Step in 2017 

LinkedIn has developed into a behemoth business platform. Coupled with ever increasing internet traffic and mushrooming online businesses, the platform has undoubtedly become a juicy advertising option for those wishing to further their business agendas. If you are one such person and you have been wondering how to go about creating a LinkedIn ad from scratch, you are in the right place. Below is a step by step guide on how to do just that.

  1. Log into your account and at the top, on the left, you will easily see a business services button. Click on it and you will access a drop down menu with several choices. Out of the given options, locate and click ‘advertise.’
  2. A new tab will automatically load with ‘LinkedIn Advertising’ spelled in big letters. Below it, you will see a manage ads button. On the top right, you will also see a ‘more advertising and marketing solutions’ button.
  3. The manage button, as expected, relates to management of ads meaning that for now, you will not need to use it. However, click on it all the same to familiarize yourself with the information and options presented.
  4. By clicking on the ‘more advertising and marketing solutions’ button, a page with various ad alternatives at the lower end will load. Options such as sponsored updates, sponsored in mail, lead accelerator, display ads and text ads will be visible in big square tiles. Of these, the most important are text ads as well as sponsored ads.
  5. By clicking any of the ad option tiles, the selected alternative will load in a page similar to the one activated by the ‘manage’ button which we talked about earlier. From that management platform, it will, thus, be possible to manage the same.
  6. Starting with sponsored updates, click ‘check out sponsored updates’ in the sponsored updates tile. A new page will load with ‘sponsored updates’ boldly emblazoned in a large font with explanatory text immediately below it. By scrolling down, you will be able to see a list of features pertaining to sponsored updates that are all about optimizing the same for maximum results.
  7. At this juncture, on the page, you will see a blue button labelled ‘sponsor an update.’ Click on it after which you will be led to a page where you will your select country of residence followed by a quarterly advertising budget with two budget choices of under or over $3500 to choose from. Go with the lesser amount of under $3500 and click the button below labelled ‘buy online.’
  8. After clicking the buy online button, you will be redirected to the page discussed before that loaded as a result of clicking ‘manage’ instead of the ‘more advertising and marketing solutions’ button.
  9. Once there, click on add account which is boldly highlighted in yellow on the left top side. A dialog box will then appear prompting you to input details in given text boxes. The data to be given is the company name, the account name, and the desired currency. This step will require that you create a company page if you do not have one. After completion, click add account.
  10. At this point, you will be prompted to create a campaign where you will have to choose between sponsored ads and text ads as per the goals of your campaign. To understand more on how either works plus the merits and demerits of each, on the far left, click ‘learn more.’
  11. For demonstration, let us start off with the text ad option. Click on select regarding the same and you will be directed to a data collection page where you will have to input the campaign name and language after which you should click on next.
  12. On the left half of the resultant page, the chance of inputting the destination you wish those who click on your ads to be led to will appear (either your LinkedIn page or website). Below the destination options, you will come across ad customization alternatives involving adding a catchy headline, image and ad copy.
  13. On the right half of the page, you will be provided with a preview pane that will show you how your ad will look. Tinker with the ad you have just created as much as possible until you are satisfied with the final product shown in the preview. When done, click save on the right bottom corner of the page.
  14. The resultant page will notify you that you can create other ad variations to see which text and image combinations are compelling enough given the audience of interest. Create other ad copies, therefore, for comparison purposes and when done, click next.
  15. The preceding page will be all about audience targeting in terms of location, company size, titles, field of study, member schools, age, etc., and the number of people your stipulations will actualize will be shown on the right-hand side.
  16. After completion, click on next and you will land in a budgeting page prompting for how much you want to spend, criteria for charge (CPC or CPM), bid amount, daily budget, and the start date. Input all the required information as per your budget. And click on next
  17. The final page entails payment information with text boxes provided to capture the same. Feed all the relevant textboxes including the coupon code if at all you have one. Finally, click ‘review order’ and your ad will go live.

With the above LinkedIn text ad creation demonstration, you can create any other ad forms such as sponsored content, display ads, etc., by following the same procedure step by step with only minute difference to be mindful of.

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