Creative Feedback Mechanism



One of the most rewarding things about what I do is the creativity component.  It’s nice being able be inventive.  Marketing is an open field.  What worked yesterday may not work today.  And what works today, doesn’t always work tomorrow.  A lot of strategy and execution.  It’s like being in law school again… you never have enough time to write down every important piece of law… therefore you have to figure out what is most important and go from there. Honestly tonight probably need to be a longer night… but I’m not feeling it.

Creativity feeds more creativity.  And I’ve been lacking creativity recently.  That has caused me to be even less creative. I should take a weekend to draw and sketch some things.  Working with artists… which I do for my hobby channel…. is more stressful than actually drawing.  Management…. means a lot of wasted time.  It’s an important skill to learn since you can never do everything on your own.  Slightly different from teamwork.  Both are critical to the success of the a business or a hobby… my hobby has shades of business to it.  I should write a blog detailing the business like aspects of running a youtube channel.  It’s actually pretty fascinating.

As I sit and watch the Patriots Colts game… it’s turning out to be a good game.  Not the blowout that most thought it would be.

Television today just isn’t that appealing.  I flipped through some channels and ended watching parts of the last man on earth.  It was incredibly weird as a show.  And Bob’s burgers… a show I loved when it first came out… had a Halloween episode…. the premise was like a Simpsons or south park episode.  There’s truly a lack of creativity.

I see it in artwork a lot as well.  I commission a lot for my hobby… but to find an artist willing to be creative is difficult.  There’s always a long negotiation for fees.  As an artist myself, artwork is hard and should be paid.  However, the artwork I truly want to pay for is the type someone makes on their own… and does so because they enjoy artwork.  By commissioning someone you are limiting their ability to actually be creative.  And because commissions relate to money, the artist is more likely to do what they believe makes you happy.. rather than what they actually want to do.

It’s a vicious cycle.  It was far better in the olden days of the Medina family.. where they would just be patrons and give artist stipends to do whatever they wanted.