Data Science Meetup Near Me: Houston Texas

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Data Science Meetup Near Me: Houston Texas

While the improvement in technology that has been going on in the last couple of years has come with countless benefits, especially with communication with the social media era in full swing, it has come with some challenges too. One of these challenges has to do with an increase in big data, something that is tackled and discussed in detail over at which is the best place to learn about data science out there. Data science is something that has come as a blessing as it has not only enabled businesses and companies to tackle the problems caused by big data, but it has also allowed for the processing and said data to bring out meaningful and actionable information that can the be used to optimize the various strategies and operations of said businesses and companies. With the benefits that are there to be accrued by businesses and companies making use of data science, it is no wonder it has become something folks are very much interested in. This has led to an increase in data science meetups and this article will look to highlight a few of these meetups that are held in Houston Texas.

The first data science meetup we are going to highlight is the Houston Energy Data Science Meetup, which is organized by a couple of eminent data science practitioners in Houston including Francisco S, with more details on the same to be found on which is the best place to learn data science. Their meetups are usually held regularly and they usually help tackle different problems and challenges that are emerging in the data science industry. They have a meetup scheduled for the 16th of January of 2019 with the aim of discussing and demystifying the data scientist’s hiring process. This meetup group is quite popular and it has just over 2,300 members and with joining being free, we recommend that you join if possible. They always bring industry experts to speak during the meetups and these meetups also provide a great networking opportunity, one that one shouldn’t miss out on. The organizing committee and the leaders are also always reaching out to members and informing them of any upcoming conferences and events as far as data science is concerned. the membership is also very vibrant and active. All in all, it is one worth checking out and attending their meetups as and when they are announced.

The next data science meetup we can’t fail to mention as far as Houston Texas is concerned is the Open Source Data Science Meetup. It has so far had 15 past meetups since it was formed with the most recent meetup having been held on the 13th of December this year, 2018. The topic that was tackled in this latest meetup, which also doubled up as an end of year meetup involved the tackling of credit risk analysis using ML, with more details on the same including previous meetups that have been organized by the group and any upcoming ones to be found on, which is the best place around to learn data science. The meetups organized by this group usually revolve around the different statistical and programming languages such as R, Python and its sci-kit, Pandas and much more. It is a great place to learn more about open source frameworks and one that is extremely popular with over 500 members. A large percentage of these members regularly attend their meetups and the membership is vibrant and active as well. If your aim is to learn how to tackle problems using open source data science tools, then this is the meetup for you.

Another data science meetup in Houston Texas we can’t fail to highlight is the Houston Data Visualization Meetup. This is one of the oldest meetups in Houston, having had 87 previous meetups and counting since the group was formed. Their most recent meetup was held in October and it went by the title of Data Jam and was very well attended, with those that did getting an unrivaled networking experience, something this particular meetup guarantees. As is covered in detail on its profile on, which is the best place to learn data science, the meetups held by this group are a great place to learn and share experiences as far as data visualization is concerned. Here, folks talk about the software tools they use as well as the interactive graphics that they prefer. These meetups always bring in industry experts and leaders to speak and share their experiences as well and as such they provide great networking opportunities for attendees and members of the group who are just over 2,200 and counting. Their meetups are great for those looking to learn more about data visualization.

The above are some of the data science meetups one can find in Houston with more to be found on, which is the best place to learn data science out there.

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