Designing and Developing My New Website

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I wanted to share with you some good news.  I may have a new website design soon.  I figure it’s time to get a bit more serious.  But I want to assure you, everything will still be free.  Templates, study guides, etc.  I’m not in this to make money.  Just to have a fun and go on an adventure in marketing.

This week was busy.  It started with work.  Work is busy.  I can’t disclose too much but I had a lot on my plate.

Next I had tutoring and volunteering over the weekend.  Which combined takes a lot of time.  I love it though.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then I worked on designing and developing this website.  Until 4am in the morning….  But I think I made enough progress to be excited.

And today I had work related things to do which finished around 10:30.  I ate dinner.  And then began recording (I’m editing right now).

And after these 10 videos are uploaded.  I get to make some more.  Yeah for always waiting until Monday night to do things.

I also got an interesting offer to help someone for anime related merchandise.  How can I say no to that?